Engineering Abbreviations
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Sa to Sl, Sm to So, Sp to Ss, St to Sz

s - second
SAD - Silicon Avalanche Diodes
SADL - Situational Awareness Data Link [Communications]
SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers
SAN - Storage Area Network
SAN - System-Area Network
SAR - Successive Approximation Register
SAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar
SAS - Serial Attached SCSI [SAS Description]
SAW - Surface Acoustic Wave [SAW Filters]
SATA - Serial Advanced Technology Attachment [SATA]
SBC - Single Board Computer [Embedded SBC Vendors]
SBS - Silicon Bilateral Switch [Thyristor Manufacturers]
SBS - Smart Battery System
SCA - Single Connector Attachment
SCC - specialized common carrier
SCE - service creation environment
SCF - service control facility
SCI - Serial Communication Interface [SCI Description]
SCI - Scalable Coherent Interface, Bus
SCL - Serial CLock
SCP - service control point
SCPC - single channel per carrier
SCR - semiconductor-controlled rectifier [SCR Manufacturers]
SCR - silicon-controlled rectifier
SCS - Scalable Command Set
SCS - Silicon Controlled Switch
SCSI - Small Computer System Interface [SCSI]
SCSR - single channel signaling rate
SD - Standard Definition
SD - Secure Digital [Flash Card]
SDARS - Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service
SDC - silent data corruption
SDH - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy [SDH Description]
SDI - Serial Digital Interface, [SDI Description]
SDIO - Serial Digital I/O
SDLC - synchronous data link control
SDN - software-defined network
SDP - Shielded Differential Pair
SDR - software-defined radio
SDS - Smart Distributed System
SD-SDI - Standard Definition - Serial Digital Interface
SDTV - Standard Definition Television
SDV - Serial Digital Video
SDVO - Serial Digital Video Out, Serial DVO
SECORD - secure voice cord board
SECTEL - secure telephone
SED - Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display [Displays]
SEE - Single Event Effects
SEL - Single Event Latchup
SEM - Standard Electronic Module
SEPIC - Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter [DC-DC Reg]
SEPP - Single Edge Processor Package
SERDES - Serializer/ Deserializer
SEU - Single Event Upset
SEVAS - Secure Voice Access System
S-F - store-and-forward
SF - single-frequency [signaling]
SFDR - Spurious Free Dynamic Range
SFF - Small Form Factor
SFP - Small Form Factor Pluggable
SG - signal ground
SGDF - super-group distribution frame
S/H - sample and hold
SHA - sidereal hour angle
SHARES - Shared Resources (SHARES) HF Radio Program
SHB - System Host Board [SHB Manufacturers]
SHF - super high frequency
SHV - Safe High Voltage [RF Connector Style]
SI - International System of Units [SI Prefixes]
SID - sudden ionospheric disturbance
SIDAC - Bidirectional Thyristor Diodes
SIGINT - signals intelligence
SIL - Single In Line [Package]
SIM Card - Subscriber Identity Module Card [SIMcard]
SIMM - Single Inline Memory Module [PC SIMM Memory]
SINAD - signal-plus-noise-plus-distortion to noise-plus-distortion ratio
SIP - Single In-line Package [IC], [SIP Graphic], [Styles]
SIP - Silicon Intellectual Property [IP Core Vendors]
SiP - System in Package
SIR - Surface Insulation Resistance
SLD - super-luminescent diode [see super-luminescent LED]
SLED - Surface-emitting LEDs
SLI - service logic interpreter
SLIC - Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
SLP - service logic program
PC motherboard

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