15 to 25 pin DB adapter

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[AWG Copper Cable Sizes] Table of AWG Copper cable size vs. resistance, weight, current... [Wire size vs. Current]

[AWG Aluminum Cable Sizes] Table of AWG Aluminum cable size vs. resistance, weight, current... [Wire size vs. Current]

[Conversion Tables] Links to other Measurement Conversion pages
... ASCII Table
... AWG Table [Copper wire, however there are links to other types of wire]
... Engineering Prefixes Table
... Gray Code Conversion Table [Binary, Hex, Decimal and Gray code conversion]
... Convert square centimeters to square inches
... Convert centimeters to inches [Graph style]
... Convert grams to ounces [Graph style]

[Electronic / Engineering Dictionaries / Acronyms] Dictionary, Glossaries, Acronyms, Charts
... Electronic Acronyms
... Electronic Dictionaries

[Heat Transfer] Thermal Conductivity table with links to other pages.

[Printed Wiring Boards] PWB Data with Links to other pages.
... PWB Production Vendors
... Semiconductor wafer foundries
... Integrated Circuit Packaging {MCM, MCP, COB, Hybrid Manufacturers}
... Conformal Coating Vendors
... Adhesives {Thermal, UV Cure, Conductive, Non-Conductive, Electrical Conductive, Elastimere}
... Packaging Glossary {Terms and definitions}

[Radar] Radar Frequency Bands, Links
... Radar Terms {Radar Definitions and Terms}

[VHDL Coding Information] Specifications and links to other pages.
... VHDL Code Examples {How-To}
... VHDL Code Pitfalls
... VHDL Simulation Packages {EDA Software}
... VHDL Tool Packages
{EDA Software}

HTML Coding
... HTML Escape Codes
... HTML Country Codes [has been removed
... HTML Color Codes [has been removed
... HTML ASCII Codes

Search Engines. Links to many other search engines on the web.

Global Climate Map

Gray Code Conversion

Periodic Table of Elements

RF IC Manufacturers

IP Core with GPS

GPS Receiver Manufacturers

Equipment and Systems
Components and Parts
Equipment Chassis Terms Wire & Cable Terms
Antenna Terms Capacitor Terms
Radar Terms Diode Terms
Signal Encoding Terms Resistor Terms
Communication Protocol Terms Transformer Terms
Interface Bus Terms Transistor Terms
Electrostatic Discharge Terms IC Packaging Terms
Space Radiation Terms Printed Circuit Board Terms
Programmable Logic Device Terms Programmable Logic Element Terms

[DOD] and Government sites
... Defense Logistics Information Service [Components and Part Issues
... Cage Code Search -- Defense Logistics Information Service [DOD Company Identifier Information]
... Defense Standardization Program [DOD Standards and Specs]
Defense and Federal Specifications and Standards Database
... Component related Military Specifications

Listing of Electrical Engineering Job pages. [Engineering Job Search has been removed]

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