Embedded Single Board Computer Manufacturers

Embedded SBC Boards by Form Factor

Stand alone Embedded Single Board Computers; or
Board formats in alphabetic order or by Embedded MotherBoards

COM-ETX 116mm x 95mm
COM-Express 125mm x 95mm
EBX 146mm x 203mm
EPIC 115mm x 165mm
EPIC Express 115mm x 165mm
ECX 105mm x 146mm [Open source Intel specification]
ESB 3.5 4 x 5.7 inch [W x L]
ESB 5.25 8 x 5.7 inch [W x L]
ETX 114mm x 95mm
ETXexpress 114mm x 95mm
JRex 102mm x 147mm, 3.5 inch board formats
Mezzanine [By definition, requires another card to mount]
PC-104 90mm x 96mm [PC/104-Plus]
PCI-104 90mm x 96mm
PICMG 1.0 338.5mm x 122mm
STX 90mm x 96mm
Equipment Chassis Manufacturers
Embedded MotherBoards
BackPlane Manufacturers

The board sizes listed above may be approximate.
Review the standards or specifications to obtain the correct board size.
These board formats do not require a mother board or back plane to mount.
These are stand alone embedded computer modules or single board computers.

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