Electrical Engineering Abbreviations
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Abbreviations and Acronyms beginning with Z

Z - Zulu time
Z - Zeta [Greek Alphabet]
Z - characteristic impedance
ZB-DDR - Zero-Buffer DDR [Memory]
ZBR - Zero Bit Reduction
ZBR - Zone Bit Recording [Hard Disk Drives]
ZBT - Zero-Bus Turnaround [SRAM]
ZCS - Zero Current Switching
ZD - zero defects
z - Zepto 10-21 [Engineering Prefixes]
Zi - input impedance
ZIF - Zero insertion force [IC Sockets]
ZigBee - IEEE 802.15.4 [ZigBee Description, Manufacturers]
ZIP - Zigzag In-line Package [IC Package Types]
ZL - Load Impedance
Zo - Output Impedance
Zs - Source Impedance

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