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PCIe Bus Automotive Switched Fabric DaughterCards HubLink Bus WISHBONE RF One long list
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This is the top-level tree of an indexed listing of Electronic Interface Buses. The index includes
Computer Buses, Cable Buses, Processor Buses, IC Buses and Embedded Busses. Use the icons
above to navigate to a particular bus type or bus function. Use the All Buses icon, if unsure
which icon a particular Interface bus type resides under [or the Bus Pin outs only page].
The page links will provide pointers to electrical bus specifications, standards, and standards bodies.
Switching rates, Interface IC's, Voltage levels, Connector manufacturers, and a Description is provided.

Below is an Indexed listing of Electronic Engineering Web Sites of Component and
OEM Electronic Equipment Manufactures: The Icons below navigate to Component manufacturers,
OEM electronic equipment manufacturers, Distributors, or EDA Software vendors and Design Pitfalls.

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