Through-hole Oscillator with the metal cap removed exposing the circuit

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Oscillator Manufacturers

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A listing of Oscillator Manufacturers, Quartz Crystal vendors and Related sites, listed in alphabetic order under one of the following headings; Crystal Manufacturers, Oscillator Manufacturers, Resonator Manufacturers, TCXO-VCXO.. Manufacturers, and other functions. The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

Crystal Oscillator Manufacturers

QPL - Qualified Products Lists [Defense]; QPL-55310
QML - Qualified Manufacturers Lists [Defense]

Clip-in Crystal Oscillator Socket

Abracon Corp. {Leaded-Surface Mount Ceramic-Plastic Molded Crystal}

Andhra Electronics Ltd {Crystal Oscillators, TTL, HCMOS, PECL, Sine Wave, LVDS}

Ascend Frequency Devices {Crystal Manufacturer, Thru-Hole/SMD, 1.8432MHz to 200MHz}

Bliley Electric Co. {Quartz Crystal/MIL-Spec, Cold-weld Vacuum Sealed/High Stability-Blanks-Surface Mount Crystal Oscillators}

Bomar {Crystal Manufacturer}

Cal Crystal Lab., Inc

Caliber Electronics {Through Hole, Surface Mount Crystal Manufacturer}

Cardinal {Surface Mount Crystal Manufacturer}

Connor-Winfield Corporation {Crystals}

Crystek Crystals Corporation {Quartz Crystal}

CTS Corp. {Crystals}

Ecliptek Corp. {SMD and Leaded Type Quartz Crystals and Oscillators}

ECS Inc. {Leaded - Surface Mount Crystals}

Epson TOYO Corp.

Fox Electronics {Crystal Oscillator Manufacturer}

Frequency Management {crystals - crystal filters - crystal oscillators}

General Electronic Devices 'GED' {Thru-Hole / Surface Mount Crystals from 1 to 180MHz}

Golledge Electronics {SM/Leaded Crystals}

KDS {Automotive Crystal oscillators}


ILSI America {Crystals}


Micro Crystal Switzerland

MMD Components

MtronPTI {SMT / Through Hole Crystals}

NDK America

NSK Group {Quartz Crystal Oscillator}

Oscilent Corporation {Crystal Oscillator, Quartz Crystal, Our capabilities include Engineering services for custom applications within the Frequency Control Product category}

Perocom Semiconductor Corp {Crystal Oscillator Manufacturer}

Pletronics Inc {crystals - crystal filters - crystal oscillators}

Raltron {Crystal}

SIWARD International

Statek Corp. {thru-hole and surface mount Oscillators}

TAITIEN Electronics Co.,LTD {TTL / CMOS, PECL / LVDS Surface Mount/Through XO}

Tellurian Technologies Inc. {Ultra-Low Profile SMD, Glass Sealed SMD Quartz Crystals}

TEW America "Tokyo Denpa Co. Ltd" {Quartz Crystals, SMD, Thru-hole, Tight Tolerance, Subminiature, Lumbered Bars}

TXC Corp.

Universal Technologies Group {Through-Hole Crystals, Through-Hole Tubular Crystals, SMD Crystals, SMD Monolithic Crystal Filters,}

ValpeyFisher {Crystals}

Vanlong Technology Co., Ltd. {Standard full-size and half size, frequency from 1MHz to 100MHz, TTL and HCMOS compatible output}

Vectron International {Crystal Manufacturer}

Vishay {Quartz Crystals - Surface Mount/Low Profile}

Wenzel Associates {RF Crystal Oscillator Modules}

Worldbond Piezo-Electric Corp.

MIL-PRF-3098; Crystal Units, Quartz, General Specification

{Crystal Manufacturers Index}

Oscillator Manufacturers

Oscillator Vendors:
PCIe HCSL Clocks

Abracon Corp. {Oscillator Manufacturer}

Amplitronix, LLC {Voltage Controlled Oscillator Manufacturer}

Ascend Frequency Devices


AXTAL {PXO Clock Oscillator Hybrid/Ceramic SMD & Hermetical DIP packages}

Bliley Electric Co. {Clock Oscillators - Stratum Clocks}

Bomar {Clock Oscillator Manufacturer}

Cal Crystal Lab., Inc

Caliber Electronics

Cardinal {Oscillators}

Crystek Crystals Corporation {Clock Oscillators - PECL Interface}

CTS Corp. {Oscillator Manufacturer}

Ecliptek Corp. {SMD MEMS and Crystal LVDS LVPECL CMOS Oscillators}

ECS Inc. {Leaded / Surface Mount Clock Oscillators}

Elcom Technologies Inc {SONET/SDH - phase-locked Devices}

Epson {Oscillators}

Fox Electronics {Oscillators}

Frequency Devices {Oscillators}

General Electronic Devices 'GED'

Golledge Electronics

ILSI America {Oscillator Manufacturer}

International Crystal Mfg. Co. Inc. 'ICM'


MMD Components

MtronPTI {Oscillators}

MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc. {Precision Quartz Osc.}

NEL Frequency Controls Inc.

Pericom {Oscillator}

Q-Tech Corp. {TTL/HCMOS/ACMOS/CMOS/TTL/HCMOS-Low Voltage 3.3 volts-ECL-Sine Wave}

Raltron {Oscillator}

RF Monolithics Inc. "RFM" {Oscillator}

Statek Corp. {surface mount and thru-hole Oscillators}

Tellurian Technologies Inc. {Clock Oscillators; Half/Full DIP HCMOS/ TTL, Stratum III, SMD, Programmable, LVDS XO, PECL XO}

TEW America "Tokyo Denpa Co. Ltd" {SMD, Thru-hole, ECL, High Frequency}

ValpeyFisher {Oscillator}

Vishay Intertechnology Inc. {HCMOS/TTL Compatible-Voltage Controlled Oscillator}

MIL-PRF-55310: Crystal Controlled Oscillator [covering CMOS, HCMOS, TTL, ECL]

Other Types

MCF - Monolithic Quartz Crystal Filters
SAW - Surface Acoustic Wave Filters

{Crystal Filter-SAW Oscillator}

{Crystal Filters}


Connor-Winfield Corporation
{Timing Modules-Clock}

ECS Inc.
{Monolithic Crystal Filters-Ceramic Filters-Surface Mount Wave Resonators}

Golledge Electronics
{IF SAW filters}

Hy-Q International
{Crystal Filter}

{SAW Filter, IF SAW Filter, RF SAW Filter}

TEW America "Tokyo Denpa Co. Ltd"
{Monolithic Crystal Filters, SAW Resonators and Filters, SMD, Thru-hole, Miniature}

Universal Technologies Group {MCF's - SAW filters}

Vanlong Technology Co., Ltd.
{Saw Filter/Resonator}

Vectron International
{SAW Filters-Filters-Clock/Data Recovery}

Performance Charts:
Oscillator Accuracy vs Power
Oscillator Stability vs Frequency Standards

4.19304MHz Crystal Oscillator
Crystal Oscillator dimensions per mil-prf-3098

MIL-PRF-3098; Crystal Units, Quartz, General Specification

Many of these surface mount Oscillator come in unique packages so you need to check the data sheet.
The package styles also make it had to find replacement devices in the same package.
So check the delivery date to insure that the part will arrive on time.
Also be very careful about buying a new part that was just released, as those lead times might be longer than normal.
The thru-hole part packages are a bit more standard at least for Oscillators, with the 4 pin DIP being very common.
Of course if the Oscillator comes in a metal can, such as a 3 or 6-pin TO-39 package, the package layout is always the same.
A related page covers Component Sockets

This is a general listing of Crystal and Oscillator manufacturers and vendors.
The types of products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

{Oscillator Manufacturers Index}

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