Engineering Abbreviations and Acronyms
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'Ra' to 'Rh', 'Ri' to 'Rz'

racon - radar beacon
rad - radian
RAD - radiation absorbed dose
RAID - redundant array of independent discs
Radar - radio detection and ranging
RADHAZ - electromagnetic radiation hazards
RADINT - Radar Intelligence
RAM - Random Access Memory [Manufacturers of RAM IC's]
RAM - reliability, availability, and maintainability
R&D - Research and Development
RAS - Row Address Strobe [memory]
RbXO - rubidium-crystal oscillator [RbXO Manufacturers]
RC - reflection coefficient, Radio Control, resource controller
RCC - radio common carrier
RCVR - receiver
RCD - Residual Current Device [RCD Graphic]
R/D - Resolver to Digital [converter]
RD - Read
RDF - radio-direction finding
RDIMM - Registered DIMM [Memory Module Manufacturers]
RDRAM - Rambus DRAM [Memory IC Manufacturers]
RDY - Ready
REF - Reference
RET - Reliability Enhanced Testing
rf - radio frequency
RF - range finder
RFC - Radio Frequency Choke [RFC Manufacturers]
RFI - Radio Frequency Interference
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification
RFP - Request For Proposal
RFQ - Request For Quotation
RG - Radio Grade [Cable Terms]
RGB - Red-Green-Blue [Video Interface]
RH - Relative Humidity
RHA - Radiation Hardness Assurance
RHR - Radio Horizon Range

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