Engineering Abbreviations
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'Ga' to 'Gl', 'Gm' to 'Gz'

g - Acceleration of Gravity
G - giga (109), billion
G10 - PWB laminate
GA - Gate Array
GaAIAs - Gallium aluminum arsenide
GaAs - Gallium Arsenide
GAL - Generic Array Logic [Programmable Logic Manufacturers]
GaN - Gallium nitride
Gb - Gigabit
GB - Gigabyte
GBE - Gigabyte Ethernet [Gigabit Ethernet Description]
GBH - group busy hour
Gbps - Gigabits per Second
GBW - Gain Band-Width
GBP - Gain Bandwidth Product
GBWP - Gain Band-Width Product
GDDR - Graphics DDR [memory] GDDR Description
GDDR2 - Graphics DDR [2nd generation] GDDR Description
GDF - group distribution frame
GDT - Gas Discharge Tubes
GE - Gigabit Ethernet [Gigabit Ethernet Description]
GEQ - Graphic Equalizer
GETS - Government Emergency Telecommunications Service
GFCI - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
GFE - Government-furnished equipment
GFI - Ground Fault Interrupter, GFI Circuit Description
GFLOPS - Giga (Billions) of Floating Point Operations Per Second
GGCL - government-to-government communications link
GHz - Gigahertz
GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out
GII - Global Information Infrastructure

PC motherboard

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