Engineering Note; A mature product, or a product announced as a life-time-buy component is not an obsolete product. Obsolete devices are only those components that are no longer in production. However in some cases a few of the vendors listed below may purchase the excess die from the OEM and continue to produce the finished component, but that does not change the fact that the component is obsolete.

American Microsemiconductor
{Diodes, Transistors, Integrated Circuits, Optoelectronics, Thyristors}

CDM Electronics
{Distributor: Hard-to-find Inactive/Discontinued/Obsolete Connector products.}

Fair Radio Sales Co.
{Military/Industrial Obsolete Electronics}

InBus Engineering Inc.
{Supplier of end-of-life Intel motherboards, systems and assemblies}

{Redesigns Obsolete Devices into ASIC chips}

{Authorized manufacturer of Analog Devices, Inc. discontinued products}

Rochester Electronics
{Distributor: They purchased Chip DIE's and last buy orders of Discontinued ICs}

If you can't seem to find a Electronic component or equipment distributor try looking for the OEM manufacturer by using either the Components icon or Electronic Equipment icon below. Find the manufacturer and use their page to determine who the distributor is.

A listing of Obsolete Electronic Component
and Electronic Equipment Distributors.
If the Parts Distributor specializes in a certain
product, its listed under the company name.
The parts or equipment distributors are listed
in alphabetic order.

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