Technical Acronyms used in Engineering
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'Va' to 'Vf', 'Vg' to 'Vz'

V - volt
VA - volt-ampere, value-added [network service]
Vac - Volt(s) alternating current
VAN - value-added network
VAR - VARistor variable resistor
VAR - value added reseller
vars - volt-amperes reactive
VB - Voltage Base [Transistor Abbreviations]
VBS - Video, Blanking and Syncs [Video Burst Sync]
VBS - video and color burst signal
VC - virtual circuit
VCA - Voltage Controlled Amplifier
VCC - Supply voltage [collector]
VCCS - Voltage Controlled Current Source
VCD - Variable Capacitance Diode, Video Compact Disc
VCO - voltage-controlled oscillator
VCR - Video Cassette Recorder
VCSEL - Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser
VCX - LV CMOS [IC], Low Voltage CMOS
VCXO - voltage-controlled crystal oscillator
V/D - voice/data
Vdc - Volts direct current
VDCE - Video Data Conversion Engine
VDD - Voltage Drain
VDD - Version Description Document, video display unit
VDSL - Very High Speed DSL VDSL Description
VDT - Video Display Terminal
VDU - visual display unit
VE - Voltage Emitter [transistor]
VESA - Video Electronics Standards Association
VF - Voice Frequency
VFB - Virtual Functional Bus
VFC - VGA Feature Connector
VFC - Voltage to Frequency Converter
VFCT - Voice Frequency Carrier Telegraph
VFD - Vacuum Fluorescent Displays [VFD Manufacturers]
VFDF - Voice Frequency Distribution Frame
VFO - Variable-Frequency Oscillator
VFT - Variable Frequency Transformer

PC motherboard

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