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Electrostatic Discharge. ESD

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Antistatic Material. A material having a surface resisitivity between 109 and 1014 ohms per square.

Antistatic Property. the reduction of triboelectrlc charge generation. Anti-static materials minimize the generation of static charges. This property is not dependent upon material resistivity.

Catastrophic Failure. A failure resulting in the permanent loss of a critical function.

Charged Device Model. [CDM] A model characterizing a particular ESD failure mechanism in which an item isolated from ground is charged and is subsequently discharged causing a short duration discharge pulse. One of three ESD models, refer to the chart below. The standard that defines CDM is; ESD STM5.3.1: Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity Testing - Charged Device Model.

Classification of ESDS Parts.
ESD Class 1: Susceptible to damage from ESD voltages greater than O to 1,999 Volts.
ESD Class 2: Susceptible to damage from ESD voltages of 2,000 to 3,999 volts.
ESD Class 3: Susceptible to damage from ESD voltages of 4,000 to 15,999 volts.
ESD Class non-ESD Sensitive: Susceptible to damage from ESD voltages above 16,000 volts.

Note there are sub classifications, refer below right.

HBM; Human Body Model, HBM Definition
MM; Machine Model,
CDM; Charged Device Model

Table of ESDS Sub-Classes
ESDS Models and Voltage Ranges

Junction polarities for ESD conditions test
Device Type Junction/Polarity
Bipolar transistor (NPN) E+ to B
Bipolar transistor (PNP) E- to B+
Junction FET's (N-channel) G+ to S
Junction FET's (P-channel) G- to S+
MOSFET's (N- or P-channel) G to S (both polarities)
Gate protected FET's (P-channel) G to S (both polarities)
Rectifiers (hot carrier and schottky) A- to K+
Thyristors G to K (both polarities)
Unijunctions G to B1 (both polarities)
Darlingtons E to B (both polarities)
Small signal diodes A to K (both polarities)

Conductive Material. A material having a maximum surface resisitivity of 105 ohms per square.

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