Printed Wiring Board Terms
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Semiconductor Packaging Terms
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All-metal package: A hybrid circuit package made solely of metal, excluding glass or ceramic.

Annular ring: The portion of a conductive material that completely surrounds a hole. Definition of Minimum Annular Ring

PWB Internal Via Minimum Annular Ring
Minimum Annular Ring; PWB Internal Via

Aperture: An opening, as a hole, gap, or slit.

BBUL: Bumpless Build-Up Layer

BLT: Bondline Thickness-the thickness of adhesive between two adherands.

Bonding: The joining of two materials. The attachment of wires to an integrated circuit or the mounting of an integrated circuit to a substrate.

Bonding pads: Areas of metallization on the integrated circuit die that permit connection of fine wires or circuit elements to the die. This example shows the Bonding Pads around the edges of the semiconductor die. The two larger rectangles on either side hold Vcc and ground. The black square is a logo.

Metal Bonding Pads surrounding a Semiconductor Die

Bump: A means of providing a connection to the terminal area of a device. A small mound is formed on the device or substrate pads and is used as a contact for face-down bonding.

Bumped wafer: A semiconductor wafer which has undergone wafer bumping, an electro-plating process, to form gold bumps over the bond pad metallization. These pumps are welded to the gold-plated copper leads of the TAB tape during inner-lead bond to form the interconnections to the chip.

Buried via: A via hole not extending to the surface.

Burn-in: The process of screening out marginal component parts by exposing them to elevated temperatures and voltage stress.

PC motherboard

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