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There are many interface bus standards listed on this page. Most of the Bus standards or specifications point to another page on this site.
The main electronic interface bus page is: Interface Bus Types. Of course there are many non-bus on-line standards also listed by the links below.
Use the Standard Organizations link above to search Electrical Engineering EE Organizations, Standard Bodies, Trade Associations and Consortiums.

IA-32 Processor Information [x86] {}

Access Bus Design Information

Advanced Configuration & Power Interface, [ACPI]

AGP Bus Specification

ARCNET ARCNET Trade Association
{ANSI/ATA 878.1-1999 Local Area Network Token Bus}

ATA (IDE) Harddrive bus Design Information

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode Interface

ATSC Standards {Advanced Television Systems Committee}


CAN bus Design Information

Communication and Networking Riser 'CNR'/'ANR'

Compact PCI Design Information

Device Bay Specification, {No longer supported}

Information and Communication Systems {ECMA}

DAVIC 1.0 Spec {DAVIC - Digital Audio Visual Council}, No longer supported

Disk Drive (Platter) Specifications {International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association IDEMA}

DOD MIL Spec(s) {U.S. Military Specifications}

DOD Publications/Directives {U.S. DOD Papers}

EBX Specification

ECTF. {Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum}

EIA-232 Bus Information [RS232]

EIA-422/EIA-485 Design Information

EIA-423 Design Information

EIA/TIA-644 Design Information

EIA/TIA-568 Cabling Description

Ethernet Design Information

FDDI Protocol Information

Fiber Channel Bus Information [Fibre Channel Description]

Industrial Field Bus Information

FireWire Design Information

Futurebus Bus Description

Government Regs and Manuals {US DOD - Directives and Records Branch}

GPIB Design Information

HIPPI 'High-Performance Parallel Interface'

HSSI bus Design Information


HyperTransport Design Information

I2C Design Information

IEEE-1284 Design Information

IEEE-1355 (HIC) Design Information

InfiniBand Bus Description

IP Industry Pack Information

IrDA Design Information

IRIG Standards Information

ISA Bus Description

ISO 9000 {ISO}


Medical Information Bus (MIB) IEEE-1157

Memory Module Description

Mezzanine Buses Design Information

MIL-STD-1553 Bus Description

Modem Specification Listing

Mother Board Specs {ATX/micro-Flex-NLX-SFX} {Desktop Form Factors}

PC-104 Design Information

PC-AT, ISA Pinout

PCI Design Information

Compact PCI Design Information

PMC Information

PCMCIA Design Information

PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation specification PXI

Power Supplies for Servers and Computers [Form Factor, pinout, Tolerances]
{Server System Infrastructure (SSI)}

RapidIO Design Information

RDRAM "Rambus" {RAMBUS Inc.}

SCSI Design Information

Serial ATA Disk Drive Interface Description

Smart Card Design Information

SMbus Design Information

SoC / IP Core Buses

SONET Description, Rates, and Standards List

SSA Serial Storage Architecture

STD32 Design Description

USB bus Design Information

VME Bus Design Information

Velocity Interface Mezzanine "VIM"

VXI Bus Description

List of Specification names


This is a general index of Electrical Engineering Standards and Specifications. Many Engineering Standard Bodies are listed above, and links to specifications. If you don't see the Standard your looking for, try Bus Interfaces, on the Electronic Bus Standards page. Use the icon at the top of the page to search for Electrical Engineering Standard Organizations. Many Engineering Standard Bodies are listed on the Standard Organizations page, and links to specifications. I've also included some Technical Committees, and European groups. Of course the major DOD and military groups are listed as well. But to get a better listing of Trade Associations and Consortiums, you should go to the Bus Design page that best relates to that information ~ as there are many different Trade Associations.

{Electronic Standards Index}

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