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IC packages can be grouped into three general categories; Dual In-line Packages, Chip Carriers and Grid Arrays.
All the packages, regardless of the category has a body style that scales with pin count.
That is the name of the package does not determine the physical size of the package, the number of pins do.

1. Dual In-line Packages [DIP], or Dual In-Line [DIL] packages are packages with two rows of leads on two sides of the package.
    DIP ICs may be through-hole [PDIP or CERDIP] or SMT package [SOJ or SOIC].

2. Quad Flat Packs or Chip Carriers are square packages [or nearly square], with leads on all four sides
    Chip Carriers, as in PLCCs and other variants are strictly Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

3. Grid Arrays are those type packages that have their pins arranged in a grid.
    The pin grid may consist of Leads, pads, or solder balls on an area array.
    The through hole variant is called a PGA, while the SMT variant might be called LGA or BGA.

Surface Mount Device Package Types


SMD Packages

BCC: Bump Chip Carrier
BGA: Ball Grid Array; BGA graphic
BQFP: Bumpered Quad Flat Pack
CABGA/SSBGA: Chip Array/Small Scale Ball Grid Array
CBGA: Ceramic Ball Grid Array
CFP: Ceramic Flat Pack
CLGA: Ceramic Land Grid Array [see LGA]
CPGA: Ceramic Pin Grid Array, CPGA Graphic
CQFP: Ceramic Quad Flat Pack, CQFP Graphic
TBD: Ceramic Lead-Less Chip Carrier
DFN: Dual Flat Pack, No Lead
DLCC: Dual Lead-Less Chip Carrier (Ceramic)
ETQFP: Extra Thin Quad Flat Package
FBGA: Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array
fpBGA: Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array
HSBGA: Heat Slug Ball Grid Array
JLCC: J-Leaded Chip Carrier (Ceramic) J-Lead Picture
LBGA: Low-Profile Ball Grid Array
LCC: Leaded Chip Carrier LCC Graphic
LCC: Leaded Chip Carrier Un-formed LCC Graphic
LCCC: Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier;
LFBGA: Low-Profile, Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array
LGA: Land Grid Array, LGA uP [Pins are on the Motherboard, not the socket]
LLCC: Leadless Leaded Chip Carrier LLCC Graphic
LQFP: Low Profile Quad Flat Package
MCMBGA: Multi Chip Module Ball Grid Array
MCMCABGA: Multi Chip Module-Chip Array Ball Grid Array
MLCC: Micro Lead-frame Chip Carrier
PBGA: Plastic Ball Grid Array
PLCC: Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PQFD: Plastic Quad Flat Pack
PQFP: Plastic Quad Flat Pack
PSOP: Plastic Small-Outline Package PSOP graphic
QFP: Quad Flatpack QFP Graphics
QSOP: Quarter Size Outline Package [Quarter Pitch Small Outline Package]
SBGA: Super BGA - above 500 Pin count
SOIC: Small Outline IC
SO Flat Pack: Small Outline Flat Pack IC
SOJ: Small-Outline Package [J-Lead]; J-Lead Picture
SOP: Small-Outline Package; SOP IC, Socket
SSOP: Shrink Small-Outline Package
TBGA: Thin Ball Grid Array
TQFP: Thin Quad Flat Pack TQFP Graphic
TSOP: Thin Small-Outline Package
TSSOP: Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package
TVSOP: Thin Very Small-Outline Package
VQFB: Very-thin Quad Flat Pack

SMD Packaging Note:

A Flat package [FP] is a rectangular or square package with leads parallel to base plane attached on two opposing sides of the package periphery.

A Grid Array package [GA] is a rectangular or square package with terminals attached perpendicular to a major surface in a grid matrix.

Through Hole Device Package Type

Ceramic IC DIP chip Package Type Drawing

Thru-hole Packages

C-DIP: Ceramic Dual In-line Package
CERDIP: Ceramic DIP, which is the same as C-DIP
CPGA: Ceramic Pin Grid Array
DIL: Dual In-Line; see note below
DIP: Dual In-line Package; DIP Socket Styles
TBD: Dual In-line Zig-Zag Package; Zig-Zag Package
HDIP: Hermetic DIP
PDIP: Plastic DIP [P-DIP]
PGA: Pin Grid Array; PGA IC Graphic [Plastic or Ceramic]
PPGA: Plastic Pin Grid Array [Plastic only]
Shrink DIP: Shrink Dual In-Line Package
SIP: Single In-line Package; SIP Package Drawing

Pages with Transistor Case Types; Transistor metal Can Drawings [Three or more leads], or Diode Packages [Two leads]

Through-Hole Packaging Notes:

A DIL package could be the same as a DIP and is sometimes used interchangeably.
However it seems that the term DIL is used more often for non-logic components, or hybrid devices [regardless of the physical dimensions].

A Can package might be used with ICs, primarily Operational Amplifiers, or transistors, and in fact all of the graphics for the different Can packages are listed off the transistor packages page. A Can package is a cylindrical shaped package with leads attached to one end.

An IP package [In-line package] is a rectangular package having one row (or two or more parallel rows) of terminals oriented perpendicular to the package seating plane.

Mechanical drawings for some of the devices were removed from the web site because of bandwidth issues.
At the same time the links above provide a mechanical drawing, a picture, or both to describe a particular IC package.

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Relevant Military Specifications:

MIL-STD-1835 - Electronic Component Case Outlines
MIL-HDBL-6100 - List of Case Outlines and Dimensions for Discrete Semiconductor Devices
MIL-M-55565 - Microcircuits, Packaging
MIL-STD-1285 - Marking of Electrical and Electronic Parts
Note the letter designation defining the revision of the specification has been omitted.

Additional References
stinet; DOD site with MIL Specs on the web [the web address changes to often to list].
Editor note; I don't control the military specifications list above, and don't indicate if they are still active.
However I do list them and their title for reference, to be used if they are still active.
The DOD stinet site has changed their url half a dozen times, every time I would check the page it would be moved.
So rather than leaving a link that never returns a valid page, I just removed the hyper-text link.

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