Engineering Abbreviations
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'Ba' to 'Bh', 'Bi' to 'Bz'

B - Base [Transistor]
b - bit
B - bel
B - byte
B8ZS - bipolar with eight-zero substitution
BAG - Bandwidth Allocation Gap [Bus Terms]
balun - balanced to unbalanced [Balun Definition]
basecom - base communications
BASIC - beginners' all-purpose symbolic instruction code
BATT - Battery [Battery Manufacturers]
BAW - Bulk Acoustic Wave
BBM - Break before Make
BBUL - Bumpless Build-Up Layer
BCC - block check character
BCD - binary coded decimal [BCD Conversion]
BCI - bit-count integrity
BCI - BroadCast Interference
BCM - Boundary Conduction Mode [PFC Converters]
BCH - Bose-Chaudhuri-Hochquenghem
BCT - Bi-Directional Control Thyristors
Bd - baud [Definition of Baud]
BEDO - Burst EDO, Extended Data Out [Memory]
bell - BEL character
BeO - beryllium oxide
BEP - Bit Error Probability
BER - Bit Error Rate, Bit Error Ratio
BERT - Bit Error Rate Tester [BERT Manufacturers]
BERT - bit error ratio tester
BETRS - basic exchange telecommunications radio service
BEX - broadband exchange
BFC - Beat-Frequency Components [Distortion]
BGA - Ball Grid Array [IC] [ BGA Graphic]

A listing of engineering acronyms listed in alphabetic order. Not all meanings of an abbreviation may be provided. In some cases links are given to provide a full dictionary definition of the term.

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