Engineering Acronyms
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'Da' to 'De', 'Df' to 'Dp', 'Dq' to 'Dz'

D* - specific detectivity
d - deci (10-1)
D - dispersion coefficient
da - deka (10)
D-A - digital-to-analog
D/A - digital-to-analog converter [DAC Manufacturers]
DAA - Data Access Arrangement
D/L - downlink
DAC - digital-to-analog converter
DACS - digital access and cross-connect system
DALI - Digital Addressable Lighting Interface
DAMA - demand assignment multiple access
DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARS - Digital Audio Radio Service
DAS - Directly Attached Storage
DAS - Data Activity Signal
DASD - Direct Access Storage Device
DAT - Digital Audio Tape [Tape Drive Manufacturers]
DAV - Data AVailable. DatA Valid
DAVIC - Digital Audio Visual Council
dB - decibel
DBA - Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
dBa - decibels adjusted
dBa(F1A) - noise power measured by a set with F1A-line weighting
dBa(HA1) - noise power measured by a set with HA1-receiver weighting
dBa0 - noise power measured at zero transmission level point
dBc - dB relative to carrier power
DBI - Data Bit Inversion
dBi - dB(isotropic)
dBk - dB referred to 1 kilowatt
dBm - dB referred to 1 milliwatt
dBm(psoph) - noise power in dBm measured by a set with psophometric weighting
DBMS - database management system
dBmV - dB referred to 1 millivolt across 75 ohms
dBm0 - noise power in dBm referred to or measured at 0TLP
dBr - power difference in dB between any point and reference point
dBrn - dB above reference noise
dBrnC - dBrn noise power measured with C-message weighting
dBrnC0 - noise power in dBrnC referred to or measured at 0TLP
dBrn(f -f ) - flat noise power in dBrn 1 2
dBrn(144-line) - noise power in dBrn measured by set with 144-line weighting
dBv - dB relative to 1 V (volt) peak-to-peak
dBW - dB referred to 1 W (watt)
dBx - dB above reference coupling
dc - direct current
DCA - Defense Communications Agency (now DISA)
DCC - Digital CamCorder
DCC - Data Communications Channel
DCC - Digitally Controlled Capacitors
DCD - Data Carrier Detect
DCE - data circuit-terminating equipment
DCL - direct communications link
DCP - Digitally Controlled Potentiometers
DCPSK - Differentially Coherent Phase-Shift Keying
DCR - Direct Current Resistance [Coils]
DCS - Distributed Control System [Programmable Logic Controller]
DCT - Digital Cable Tuner
DCWV - direct-current working volts
DDC - Display Data Channel [VESA]
DDN - Defense Data Network
DDR - Double Data Rate Memory [SDRAM]
DDR2 - Double Data Rate II Memory [SDRAM]
DDS - Digital Data Service
DEEC - Digital Electronic Engine Control
DEFCS - Digital Electronic Flight Control System
DEL - Delete character [ASCII Table]
DES - Data Encription Standard
DESC - Defense Electronics Supply Center
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