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LED & LCD Display Manufacturers

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This is a listing of LCD Display manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the companies produce are listed under the company name.

LCD Display Manufacturers

Including numeric display and larger equipment displays.

PC Monitor Manufacturers are listed under;
OEM / Computers and Peripherals

American LED-gible Inc. {Numeric/Alphanumeric LED Displays-Electronic LED Timers/Counters-Numeric LED Displays-Incandescent/LED Andon Systems}

Aydin Displays Inc. {AMLCD Flat Panel}

Crystalfontz {Economical, feature-packed serial interface (RS-232 and SPI) character LCD modules for embedded applications. Custom and standard LCD modules}

Densitron {LCD Flat Panel Displays}

Displaytech, Ltd. {Segmented LCD Modules - character modules - Graphics modules}

EM Microelectronic-Marin SA {LCD Module}

Emerging Display Technologies Corporation {Character Displays}

Fox Meter Inc. {Standard panel instrumentation}

Futaba Corporation of America {Displays, Modules}

HANTRONIX, Inc. {Graphic, Character, Display Modules}

Kent Displays, Inc. {Cholesteric Liquid Crystal: ChLCD}

Korry Electronics Co. {High-efficiency color display modules for avionics system - air traffic control}

Liquid Crystal Displays 'LXD' {Glass Displays, Modules Displays, TFT, and OLED displays

Matrix Orbital {High-performance character LCD, PLED, VFD and Graphic LCDs}

Micro Electronics Corp. {LCD Panel/Clock}



Noritake {Graphics Module, Active Matrix vacuum fluorescent displays}

OPTOTEK Ltd. {LED Display Manufacturer}

Pacific Display Devices {Glass Liquid Crystal Display, Character LCD Modules are Alpha-Numeric Dot Matrix LCD displays, OLED (Organic LED) Modules}

Polytronix Inc. {Dichroic Displays, PWTN}

Powertip Technology Corporation {Crystal Display, Graphic Display, Character LCD Modules}

Purdy Electronics Corp. {LCD Displays-TFT, STN, Graphic, Character Displays}

Sharp Electronics Corp {TFT, STN, EL Displays}

Stanley Electric Co. {7-Segment Displays, Light Bars}

Toshiba {LCD Panels}

Vartronix International Ltd. {LCD Displays}

Vrone Industries Inc.
{Numeric Display Manufacturer, Alphanumeric Display Manufacturer}

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Flat Panel Controllers and Regulators
Display Driver ICs


This is a general listing of Display manufacturers. The types of products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
The Displays listing includes both LED and LCD display manufacturers.

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Terms; Display Acronyms page.
Integrated Circuit; 7-Segment Display Driver IC page.

3 Digit Red 7-Segment Display7-Segment Display

RackMount TFT LCD Display Manufacturers

Aydin Displays Inc. {Military Displays-rugged Flat Panel displays (LCDs)}

Core Systems {15"-20" industrial rackmount LCD displays}

Nortech Engineering, Inc.
{Ruggedized Industrial TFT LCD Monitor Manufacturer, NEMA 4, SXGA}

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