Engineering Acronyms
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'La' to 'Le', 'Lf' to 'Lo', 'Lp' to 'Lz'

L - Inductance [Inductor Manufacturers]
L - Low power [logic series]
LAN - Local Area Network [LAN Definition]
LAP-B - Data Link Layer protocol [CCITT Recommendation X.25]
LAP-D - link access procedure D
laser - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASINT - laser intelligence
LATA - local access and transport area
LBA - Logical Block Address
LBO - Linear Burst Order
LBO - line build-out
LC - limited capability
LCA - Logic Cell Array [Macrocell Diagram]
LCC - Leaded Chip Carrier [IC package]
LCCC - Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier [IC package]
LCD - liquid crystal display [LCD Display Manufacturers]
LCoS - Liquid Crystal on Silicon
LCX - low voltage CMOS [logic series]
LD - long distance
LDCC - Leaded Chip Carrier [IC package]
LDD - Laser Diode Drivers
LDLVA - Successive Detection Log Video Amplifiers
LDM - LED Dot Matrix Module
LDM - limited distance modem [Modem Manufacturers]
LDO - Low DropOut [regulator] [LDO Regulator Manufacturers]
LE - Logic Element
LEC - local exchange carrier
LED - light-emitting diode [LED Terms], [LED Manufacturers]


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