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Single In-Line Package Components

SIP Package, Through-Hole Component

R-Array SIP IC package
8-pin Single-In-Line Package Through Hole Component

Single-In-Line Package (SIP) components have a flat body oriented vertically to the printed wiring board and a single row of pins or leads. Most small-form SIPs are parallel-array devices of common value components (i.e. diode, resistor arrays). Large-form SIPs are usually hybrid circuits (i.e. timers, oscillators, etc.). The SIP body can be either plastic or ceramic with between 4 to 64 leads. The three general SIP styles are Molded [above], Conformal Coated [right] and Un-coated SIPs [not shown].

10-pin Through-Hole SIP Resistor Package
SIP Resistor Package, Through Hole

A Single In-line Package [SIP] may contain a hybrid circuit with a mix of Active and Passive components, but normally holds some form of a resistor network.
A SIP package holds its pins in-line with the body of the component.
A Zig Zag Package is similar to a SIP package. Additional IC Package styles.

Editor notation; SIP components are not really that common any longer, but you can still buy parts in a SIP package. Primarily, resistor networks are still offered in SIP packages, in addition to other package styles, but as a general statement the SIP package is in decline. That's not to say, don't use a SIP package, or don't design to a SIP package. The point is to leave your self some design options; if more companies offer the same function in other packages than pick those options so you leave your self with a second source to buy parts from.

Because this package style primarily holds either some number of resistor, capacitor or a combination of resistors and capacitor components; the device may be listed under something like Thick film networks.

Through hole part

SIP Component Schematic
SIP Networks and SIP Arrays
Components in a network or array

SIP Resistor Network Schematics
SIP Capacitor Network Schematic

Dictionary of Resistor terms
Dictionary of Capacitor terms

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