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All these terms and phrases relate to electrical engineering.


Electronic Acronyms [General Engineering]

Display Acronyms [LCD & LED displays]

HDTV Terms [Screen formats & resolutions]

IC Package Acronyms [Integrated Circuit Package Styles]

Memory Acronyms [IC Memory Chips]

Memory Modules Acronyms [Computer Memory Modules]

Materials Acronyms [fabrication material]

Networking Acronyms [Communication Networks]

Oscillator Acronyms [Component Oscillators]

PON Acronyms [Passive Optical Network]

Protocol Acronyms [Transmission Protocols]

Test Acronyms [System Test]



Electronic Dictionaries

Antenna Dictionary of Terms

Cable Dictionary of Terms [Wire and Cable]

Capacitor Dictionary of Terms

Chassis Dictionary of Terms [Equipment Chassis]

Diode Dictionary of Terms [Semiconductor Diodes]

Encoding Dictionary of Terms [Signal Encoding]

Engineering Dictionary of Terms [General Engineering]

ESD Dictionary of Terms [Electrostatic Discharge]

Interface Terms [Interface Bus Terms]

Packaging Dictionary of Terms [IC Packaging]

Programmable Logic Devices Dictionary of Terms

Programmable Logic Elements Dictionary of Terms

Protocol Dictionary of Terms [Communication Protocols]

PWB Dictionary of Terms [Printed Wiring Board Terms]

Radar Dictionary of Terms

Resistor Dictionary of Terms [Fixed & variable]

Space Radiation Dictionary of Terms

Transistor Dictionary of Terms [Semiconductor Transistors]

Transformer Terms [Inductor & Transformers]

Engineering Charts

Chart of Semiconductor Logic: Speed x Power
Chart of Semiconductor Logic: Threshold Levels
Chart of Semiconductor Logic: LV Threshold Levels
Chart of Logic: Bus Interface Threshold Levels
Chart of Bus Interface Standards
Chart of Magnetic Declination Over the World
Chart of PWB External Etched Copper Current Capacity
Chart of PWB Internal Etched Copper Current Capacity
Intel Processor release dates [Data table]

PC motherboard

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