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IC Memory Definitions

The list below contains some common definitions for memory module abbreviations, and or integrated circuit memory types. The links directly above are concerned with general electrical engineering, covering many topics. A separate link below the table covers only abbreviations used with memory modules.

Description of Memory IC Types
CAM: Contact Addressable Memory
DDR: Double Data Rate [See Memory Module Definitions]
DIMM: Dual In-Line Memory Module.
[See Memory Module Definitions]
DRAM: Dynamic Random Access Memory (Requires Refresh)
DRSL: Differential Rambus Signaling Levels
EDO: Extended Data Out
eDRAM: Embedded DRAM
EEPROM: Electrically Erasable PROM
EPROM: Erasable PROM
FCRAM: Fast Cycle Random Access Memory
FRAM: Ferroelectric RAM (non-volatile RAM)
FPM: Fast Page Mode
MDDR: Mobile DDR
NVRAM: Non-Volatile RAM
nvSRAM: combination of SRAM and EEPROM [also called nvRAM]
PBRAM: Pipelined Burst RAM
PROM: Programmable Read Only Memory
RLDRAM: Reduced Latency DRAM
QBM2 Quad Band Memory, DDR Compatible at increased speed
QDRII: Quad Data Rate [also called DDR2, DDRII, QDRSRAM, and QDR-2 SRAM]
RDIMM Registered DIMM [See Memory Module Definitions]
RLDRAM: Reduced Latency DRAM
SIMM: Single In-Line Memory Module.
[See Memory Module Definitions]
SODIMM: Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module
[See Memory Module Definitions]
SDRAM: Synchronous DRAM
SDR DRAM: Single Data Rate SDRAM
SGRAM: Synchronous Graphic RAM
SLDRAM: Synchronous-Link DRAM
SRAM: Static Memory (Faster than DRAM, but more expensive)
TCAM: Ternary CAM (High, Low and Don't care states)
VRAM Video RAM (Dual Ported)
ZBT: Zero Bus Turnaround [no bus latency, NoBL memory is a synchronous-burst SRAM. ZBT SRAM devices use the full bandwidth because they do not require turnaround cycles (idle cycles between read and write operations)]

This is a list of Electronic Engineering Abbreviations used with Memory ICs. The list only concerns integrated circuit memory. A separate list handles Memory Module Acronyms, with of course some of the abbreviations being the same. In most cases the links provides an in depth definition of the term.

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