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A listing of Choke Inductor Manufacturers, listed in alphabetic order, under one of the following headings; Inductors, Chokes, Transformers, or EMI/RFI Devices.
The type of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

Choke Inductor Manufacturers

Cable Ferrite Core Manufacturers

Abracon Corp. {Common Mode Chokes}

Allied Components {Toroidal Chokes, Axial Molded Power Chokes, Axial Power Chokes, Axial High Current Chokes, Radial High Current Chokes}

AMVECO Magnetics Inc {Toroidal chokes Manufacturer}

API Delevans {Power Inductors - High Current Molded Choke, Toroidal Choke, Shielded Power Choke}

Associated Components Technology 'ACT' {Axial/Radial Thru-Hole Power Inductors; Chokes. EMI Suppressors Thru-hole Wide-Band Choke}

BH Electronics Products {Choke Manufacturer}

BI Technologies {Common Mode Chokes Manufacturers}

Bel Fuse Inc. {Common Mode Choke}

Bourns {Chokes}

Cambion {Common Mode Chokes}

Coilcraft {Leaded Common Mode Line Chokes}, Inc {High Current Surface Mount Toroidal Differential Mode Choke, High Power Common Mode Line Filters Chokes, Rod Type High Current Vertical and Horizontal Mount Differential Mode Chokes, Toroidal Differential Mode Chokes with mounting Header}

Cortec Enterprises {toroidal chokes}

Delta Electronics Inc {Suppression Chokes}

EPCOS {choke Manufacturers. RF Chokes, VHF Chokes, Chokes for Data and Signal Lines, Chokes for Power Lines}

Falco Electronics Mexico {SMT Common Mode Chokes, Toroidal}

Fastron {Wide Band Chokes}

Ferronics Inc. {Six Hole Chokes, Z-MAX Chokes}

Filtran Ltd. {Chock Manufacturers}



Frontier Electronics {SMD Power Chokes}

Gowanda Electronics Corp. {Surface Mount High Current Toroidal Chokes}

HALO Electronics Inc. {CMR chokes}

ICE Components {Common Mode Chokes/EMI Filters}

Inductive Systems Europe {Toroidal Chokes, Linear Chokes}

muRata {Common Mode Chokes}

RCD Components Inc. {Inductor Chokes}

Standex Electronics {Chokes and Reactors, Bar Chokes}

talema {Choke Manufacturers}

Tamura Corp. {Chokes}

Vishay {Common Mode Chokes}

West Coast Magnetics {Common Mode Chokes}

Wilco Corp. {High Current Chokes, Axial Lead Shielded Chokes}

Inductor Values {Common SMD Inductor Values}
Inductor Derating Table {Temperature Correction}

Choke: An Inductor that gives a high impedance to the flow of direct current. An Inductor used to impede the flow of pulsating DC or AC current via self inductance
Inductor: A coil of wire wound around a core [which may be magnetic metal or air] to produce a high inductance in the wire.

{Choke Manufacturers Index}

This is a listing of Choke manufacturers. The listing is subdivided by either Transformer manufacturers or Inductor manufacturers. The types of products the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name. A separate link at the top of the page points to a listing of EMI/RFI component manufacturers [beads, filters, chokes and so on]. Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon. In addition some listing may be found on the individual Computer bus pages

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