General Engineering Acronyms
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Passive Optical Network

AON - Active Optical Network
APON - ATM Passive Optical Network [same as ATM-PON]
ATM-PON - ATM PON [same as BPON]
BPON - Broadband Passive Optical Network
CPE - Customer Premises Equipment
DBA - Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
DOCSIS - Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
EFN - Ethernet in the First Mile
EPON - Ethernet PON
FSAN - Full Service Access Network
FTTC - Fiber To The Curb
FttD - Fiber To The Desk
FTTN - Fiber To The Node
FTTP - Fiber To The Premises
GbE - Gigabit Ethernet
GE-PON - Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network
GEPON - Gigabit Ethernet PON
GPON - Gigibit PON
HFC - Hybrid Fiber Coaxial
HFC-PON - Hybrid-Fiber-Coax PON
OAN - Optical Access Network
OCn - Optical Carrier
ODN - Optical Distribution Network
OEC - Optical Electrical Converter
ONT - Optical Network Terminal [ITU-T]
ONU - Optical Network Unit [IEEE]
OLT - Optical Line Terminal
OLT - Optical Line Termination
OLT - Optical Line Terminal
PMD - Physical Medium Dependent
POL - Passive Optical LAN
PON - Passive Optical Network
RFoG - RF over Glass
RF-PON - Radio Frequency PON
TDM-PON - Time Domain Multiplexing PON
UNI - User Network Interface
WDM-PON - Wavelength Division Multiplexing PON

PON standards, the IEEE 802.3ah; Ethernet in the First Mile standard and the ITU-T G.984; GPON standard.

PC motherboard

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