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The listing is divided up into Volatile ICs and non-Volatile IC memory.

Volatile Memory does not retain its data once power is lost.
Volatile memory are primarily the RAM style memory.
In some cases RAM memory may be used in applications where prime power is removed.
In these limited cases, when data needs to be retained, a battery is used to supply power to the RAM.
.... DRAM Memory IC Manufacturers
.... SRAM Memory IC Manufacturers
.... MRAM Memory IC Manufacturers
.... Video SRAM Memory IC Manufacturers, other types

Non-Volatile Memory will retain its stored contains even when no power is applied.
Non-Volatile memory is primarily the ROM style of memory
.... EPROM Memory IC Manufacturers
.... EEPROM Memory IC Manufacturers
.... PROM Memory IC Manufacturers
.... FLASH Memory IC Manufacturers
Phase-change Memory IC Manufacturers, see Flash memory.
Ovonics Unified Memory IC Manufacturers, see Flash memory.

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