General Engineering Acronyms
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Protocol Acronyms

'A' to 'H', 'I' to 'N', 'P' to 'Z'

AARP: AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
ADSP: AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
AEP: AppleTalk Echo Protocol
AFP: AppleTalk Filing Protocol
AoE: ATA over Ethernet is a network protocol
APPN: Advanced Peer to Peer Networking [IBM]
ARAP: AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol [AppleTalk]
ASP: AppleTalk Session Protocol
ATP: AppleTalk Transaction Protocol
ATRA: AppleTalk Remote Access
AURP: AppleTalk Update-Based Routing Protocol [AppleTalk]
AVBTP: AVB Transport Protocol, IEEE P1722
BMP: Burst Mode Protocol [Novell]
BPDU: Bridge Protocol Data Unit [Cisco]
BSSGP: Base Station System GPRS Protocol [GPRS]
CC: Call Control
CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access
CDP: Cisco Discovery Protocol [Cisco]
CDPD: Cellular Digital Packet Data
CIP: Common Industrial Protocol
CMIP: Common Management Information Protocol [OSI]
DAP: Data Access Protocol [DECnet]
DDP: Datagram Delivery Protocol [AppleTalk]
DISL: Dynamic Inter-Switch Link Protocol [Cisco]
DP: Data Packet [-]
DPP: Data Packet Payload[-]
DRiP: Duplicate Ring Protocol [Cisco]
DSM-CC: Digital Storage Media Command and Control
ELAP: EtherTalk Link Access Protocol [AppleTalk]
FCIP: Fibre Channel over IP [FCIP Description]
FTAM: File Transfer and Access Management [OSI]
FTP: File Transfer Protocol
FTT: Flexible Time-Triggered
FttD: Fiber-to-the-Desk
FTT-Ethernet: Flexible Time-Triggered Ethernet
GEM: Generic Encapsulation Method [PON]
GFP: Generic Frame Protocol
GSM: Global System for Mobile telecommunications
GSMP: General Switch Management Protocol
GTP: GPRS Tunnelling Protocol [GPRS]
HSDPA: High-Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSPA: High-Speed Packet Access
HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol [Internet]
HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure [Internet]

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