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Tape Drive Manufacturers for Computers

HP {Digital Audio Tape, DAT drives }

Iomega Corp. {Network Attached Storage, NAS}

Quantum Corp. {DAT/DSS Drives, Entry-Level Backup. Compressed capacity from 80GB to 1600GB}

Sony Electronics {Tape Drive manufacturer}

Digital Tape Cartridge

Tapedrives use magnetic tape to store data, normally at a very high capacity.
Tape-drives are still in demand but as HDDs grow larger, into the Tera-byte range, Tape Drives may not be able to keep pace.

Editor note: I would assume it's becoming harder and harder to justify using a tape-drive as a backup system.
However, there could be many people still using tape as a backup method, not wanting to incur the cost of a new system.
I wouldn't think, as a first approach tape-drives should be the first consideration for a new system these days.
But there must be a market otherwise the companies wouldn't continue to make a product.
I would guess using a RAID system on a few massive hard drives would produce a much more secure system.

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