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Balun. An acronym for Balanced/Unbalanced. A device used to couple a balanced system to an un-balanced system. A wide-band impedance matching transformer providing a 4:1 impedance ratio.
A device used to match an unbalanced coaxial transmission line to a balanced two-wire system. [Definition of Coaxial Cable].
A transformer used to match a 75 ohm unbalanced input to a 300 ohm output.

Balun Transformer
Balun Transformer

Balun Transformers are used in double balanced mixers, and as broad band transformers, transistors and for impedance conversion.
Manufacturers of Transformers
Manufacturers of RF Transformers

Note how the Balun Transformer is connected by sharing a net in both the unbalanced side and balanced side. The un-balanced side receives a signal and ground and the balanced side outputs two signals with out reference to ground.

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Antenna Balun.

What is a Balun, Definition of Balun: A Balun is used with Analog Circuits and Systems from Audio up to RF frequencies.

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