BGA IC Package Drawing

Ball Grid Array package

Ball Grid Array, BGA

BGA Side/Bottom view
BGA Package Dimensions

BGA [Ball Grid Array] is a surface mount package that uses solder balls to attach to the Printed Wiring Board [PWB] or BGA socket. The IC has the solder balls attached and is than placed on a surface having copper pads and heated, the solder balls melt and attach the IC to the metal pads of the board.
BGA is a Surface Mount Package, and there are a number of styles;
CBGA: Ceramic Ball Grid Array. The package is ceramic and not plastic.
fpBGA: Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array.
HBGA: High Performance Ball Grid Array [handles a higher heat dissipation]
LBGA: Low-Profile Ball Grid Array [reduced height off the PCB].
PBGA: Plastic Ball Grid Array. The body of the IC is made of plastic.
There are also a number of different ball patterns. The BGA package shown above has two distinct ball patterns, while the BGA IC shown left contains a full Ball Grid Array. Another example is an AMD Geode Processor using a BGA package, which is unusual for a processor package. Note; the dimensions shown for the BGA package above apply only to one particular IC package and is not representative of all BGA packages.

Also refer to; additional Package styles used by ICs.

VIA Processor using a BGA package
BGA Packaged processor

BGA Picture Top/Bottom view
BGA Package

BGA Picture Top/Bottom view
BGA Processor Package

Grid Array Definition:
A rectangular or square package
with terminals attached perpendicular
to a "major surface" in a grid matrix.

BGA Resistor Networks
BGA package for resistors.

PC motherboard

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