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MOS: [Minimum Operational Sensitivity] The minimum signal which can be detected and automatically digitally processed by a radar without human discrimination.

Moving Target Indicator: [MTI] This radar signal process shows only targets that are in motion. Signals from stationary targets are subtracted out of the return signal by a memory circuit.

Multipath: The process by which a transmitted signal arrives at the receiver by at least two different paths. These paths are usually the main direct path, and at least one reflected path. The signals combine either constructively or destructively depending upon phase, and the resultant signal may be either stronger or weaker than the value computed for free space. Related terms are located in the Dictionary of Antenna Terms, in is a separate group of pages.

Multiplex: Simultaneous transmission of two or more signals on a common carrier wave. The three types of multiplex are called time division, frequency division, and phase division.

Multiband Radar: A type of radar which uses simultaneous operation on more than one frequency band through a common antenna. This technique allows for many sophisticated forms of video processing and requires any jammer to jam all channels at the same time in order to be effective.

MVS: [Minimum Visible Signal] The minimum input pulse signal power level which permits visibility of the output pulse, such as on a radar A-scope display.

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