Radar Jargon and Definitions
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Varactor Diode: A P-N junction employing an external bias to create a depletion layer containing very few charge carriers. The diode effectively acts as a variable capacitor. [Manufacturers of Varactor Diodes]

Varactor Tuned Oscillator: A varactor diode serves as a voltage-controlled capacitor in a tuned circuit to control the frequency of a negative resistance oscillator. The major feature of this oscillator is its extremely fast tuning speed. A limiting factor is the ability of the external voltage driver circuit to change the voltage across the varactor diode, which is primarily controlled by the driver impedance and the bypass capacitors in the tuning circuit.

Velocity Gate Pull-off: [VGPO] Method of capturing the velocity gate of a Doppler radar and moving it away from the skin echo. Similar to the RGPO, but used against CW or Doppler velocity tracking radar systems. The CW or pulse doppler frequency, which is amplified and retransmitted, is shifted in frequency (velocity) to provide an apparent rate change or Doppler shift.

Velocity Modulation: Velocity modulation is modification of the velocity of an electron beam by alternately accelerating and decelerating the electrons at a frequency equal to the input frequency. Thus, the electrons are segregated in bunches, each bunch causing a cycle or current as it passes an output electrode. The velocity of the electrons is thus a function of the modulation voltage. See also Klystron, Multicavity and Klystron, Reflex.

Vertical Plane: Imaginary plane that is perpendicular to the horizontal plane.

Victim: A receiver (radar or missile) that suffers degradation due to ECM or EMI effects.

Video: Receiver RF signals that have been converted (post detection) into a pulse envelope that can be seen when applied to some type of radar visual display; also used to describe the actual display itself (such as the video on an A-scope).

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio: [VSWR] In a waveguide, the ratio of the electric field at a maximum point to that of an adjacent minimum point.

VSWR vs Return Loss and Reflection Coefficient
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Table
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