Radar Definitions and Terms
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Tail Warning Radar: A radar placed in the tail of an aircraft.

Target: In radar, a specific object of radar search or detection.

Target Size: A measure of the ability of a radar target to reflect energy to the radar receiving antenna. The parameter used to describe this ability is the "radar cross section" of the target. The size (or radar cross section) of a target, such as an aircraft, will vary considerably as the target maneuvers and presents different views to the radar. A side view will normally result in a much larger radar cross section than a head-on view. [Radar Cross Section]

Target Resolution: The ability of a radar to distinguish between two or more targets that are close to each other.

Terminal Impedance: The equivalent impedance as seen by the transmitter/receiver. [RF Terminator Manufacturers]

Terrain Bounce: Term for jamming that is directed at the earth's surface where it is reflected toward the threat radar.

Thermistor: A resistor whose resistance varies with temperature in a defined manner. The word is formed from the two words "thermal" and "resistor," [Thermistor Manufacturers].

Three-Dimensional Radar: [3D Radar] A radar set that measures the range, bearing and altitude of a target.

Threshold ISR Threshold: The interference to signal ratio [ISR] at which the performance of a receiver starts undergoing degradation.

Thyratron: Gas tube used as a modulator switching device.

Towed Radar: A radar towed behind another vehicle.

Tower: A radar tower is erected to hold and rise the radar above the surrounding area. In the example case [right] a storm damaged radome sitting atop a radar tower.

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