Dictionary of Radar Terms
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Echo: The rf signal reflected back from a radar target.

Radar Echo
Radar Echo Reflection

ECCM : Electronic Counter-Counter Measures

Echo Box: A resonant cavity device that is used to check the overall performance of a radar system. It receives a portion of the transmitted pulse and retransmits it back to the receiver as a slowly decaying transient.

ECM: Electronic Counter Measures.

Effective Radiated Power: [ERP] Input power to the antenna in watts times the gain ratio of the antenna. When expressed in dB, ERP is the transmitter power (PT), in dBm (or dBW) plus the antenna gain (GT) in dB. The term EIRP is used sometimes and reiterates that the gain is relative to an isotropic radiator.

Electromagnetic Coupling: The transfer of electromagnetic energy from one circuit or system to another circuit or system. An undesired transfer is termed EMI (electromagnetic interference).

Electronic Equipment Dehydrator: Provides alternate dry-air input in the event of failure of the central dry-air system. May include a compressor.

Electronic Frequency Counter: An instrument that counts the number of cycles (pulses) occurring during a precise time interval.

Electronic Scanning: Scanning in which the axis of the beam is moved, relative to the antenna axis, in a desired pattern. Also see Phased Array Definition.

Electronics Dry-air Branch: A common line for providing dry air to various electronic equipment, such as search radar, fire-control radar, and repeaters.

Elevation Angle: The angle between the horizontal plane and the line of sight to a target or object.

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