Definitions of RF Radar Terms
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Water Line: A reference line used for vertical measurements. When used with an aircraft it is usually the ground with the landing gear extended normally. One of several aircraft location designations.

Waveguide: A transmission line consisting of a hollow conducting tube of arbitrary geometry (usually rectangular, but may be circular) within which electromagnetic waves may propagate. A hollow metal tube used as a transmission line to guide energy from one point to another. MIL-HDBK-660A - Fabrication of Rigid Waveguide Assemblies. [WaveGuide Manufacturers]

Wavelength: The distance traveled by a wave in one period (the period is the time required to complete one cycle). Wavelength = c/f. In the atmosphere, electromagnetic waves travel at c, the speed of light (300 million meters per second or 30 cm/nsec). At 5 GHz, one wavelength = 6 cm. At 10 GHz, one wavelength = 3 cm. The distance between points of corresponding phase of two consecutive cycles of a wave.

Wavemeter: An instrument for measuring the frequency of a radio wave. The wavemeter is a mechanically tunable resonant circuit. It must be part of a reflection of transmission measurement system to measure the maximum response of a signal. Below 20 GHz, the wavemeter has been replaced by the frequency counter with much greater accuracy and ease of use. For reference; Manufacturers of Test Equipment.

Whip antenna: A vertical monopole, another type of antenna. See graphic below right. [Antenna Manufacturers], [Antenna Dictionary].

White Noise: or random noise. White noise has random amplitude, but is equally distributed across the entire band of frequencies of interest.

Wire: Conductors in one of many different sizes with different kinds of insulation. The American Wire Gauge defines the different sizes of copper wire. [Wire and Cable Manufacturers]. Wire conductors may be insulated or uninsulated, or solid or stranded wire. Any number of wire strands could be used to produce the finished conductor.

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