Radar Jargon and Definitions
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Unbalanced Crystal Mixer: Circuit consisting of a section of coaxial transmission line one-half wavelength long that is tuned to the difference (intermediate) frequency between the local oscillator and rf echo signals. A some what related page covers RF Mixer Vendors.

Unbalanced Modulator: A modulator in which the modulation factor is different for the alternate half- cycles of the carrier.

Unbalanced transmission line: A transmission line one of whose conductors is grounded. A standard condition which occurs with the usage of Coaxial Cable implementations.

Undesired Signal: Any signal that tends to produce degradation in the operation of equipment or systems. Noise.

Unidirectional: In one direction only.

Unidirectional Array: An array that radiates in only one general direction.

Uniform Linear Array: An antenna composed of a relatively large number of usually identical elements arranged in a single line or in a plane with uniform spacing and usually with a uniform feed system.

Uniform-Spectrum Random Noise: Random noise, see White noise.

Unit Impulse: A mathematical artifice consisting of an impulse of infinite amplitude and zero width, and having an area of unity. Note: The unit impulse is useful for the mathematical expression of the impulse response, i.e., the transfer function, of a device.

Up-Converter: A device that translates frequencies from lower to higher frequencies.

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