Technical Radar Terms
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Half-Power Point: A point on a waveform or radar beam that corresponds to half the power of the maximum power point.

Hard-Tube Modulator: A high-vacuum electron tube modulator that uses a driver for pulse forming.

Harmonic: A sinusoidal component of a periodic wave or quantity having a frequency that is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency. For example, a component which is twice the fundamental frequency is called the second harmonic. (the fundamental is the first harmonic).

Height-Finding Radar: A radar that provides target altitude, range, and bearing data.

Helical Scanning: Radar scanning in which the rf beam follows a distorted spiral motion.

Hertz: [Hz] The unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second.

Heterodyne. To generate new frequencies by mixing two or more signals in a nonlinear device such as a vacuum tube, transistor, or diode mixer.

Heterodyne Repeater: In radio reception and retransmission, a repeater that converts the original band of frequencies of the received signal to a different frequency band for retransmission after amplification.

HF: [High Frequency] The band of frequencies between 3MHz and 30MHz.

Hits per Scan: The number of times an rf beam strikes a target per antenna revolution.

Horizontal Plane: Imaginary plane that is tangent (or parallel) to the earth's surface at a given location.

Radar Horizontal Plane
Horizontal Plane Diagram

Horn Antenna: A flared, open-ended section of waveguide used to radiate the energy from a waveguide into space. Also termed "horn" or "horn radiator." Usually linearly polarized, it will be vertically polarized when the feed probe is vertical, or horizontally polarized if the feed is horizontal. Circular polarization can be obtained by feeding a square horn at a 45E angle and phase shifting the vertical or horizontal excitation by 90E. [Dictionary of Antenna Terms]

Horn Radiator: A tubular or rectangular microwave antenna that is tapered and is widest at the open end.

Hybrid Ring: A circular waveguide arrangement with four branches. When properly terminated, energy is transferred from any one branch into any two of the remaining three branches.
Manufacturers of Waveguides

Hybrid Mixer: See Balanced Mixer. Also RF Mixer Manufacturers.

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