Radar Definitions
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'Fa' to 'Fq', 'Fr' to 'Fz'

False Alarm: The false reporting of a target produced by a spike of noise or clutter.

Fan Beam: A wide angle beam produced by a radar used for ground mapping or long range surveillance.

Fast Time Constant: Differentiator circuit in the first video amplifier that allows only the leading edges of target returns, no matter how small or large, to be used.

Feedback: The return of a portion of the output of a circuit to its input.

Feedhorn: A horn radiator used to feed a reflector.

Reflector and Feed-horn

FFT: Fast Fourier Transform.

Field Strength: The magnitude of a magnetic or electric field at any point, usually expressed in terms of ampere turns per meter or volts per meter. Sometimes called field intensity and is expressed in volts/meter or dBFv/meter. Above 100 MHz, power density terminology is used more often.

First Detector: See Mixer.

First Harmonic: The fundamental (original) frequency.

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