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Quadrature: The state of being separated in phase by 90 degrees (pie/2 radians). Pertaining to the phase relationship between two periodic quantities varying with the same period, that is, with the same frequency or repetition rate, when the phase difference between them is one-quarter of their period.

Quantize: The process of restricting a variable to a number of discrete values. For example, to limit varying antenna gains to three levels. To transform a time varying analog signal into discrete digital samples or values.

Sine Wave Quantization
Quantized Sine Wave

Quantizing Noise: Noise caused by the error of approximation in quantization. When a digitizer or Analog to Digital converter takes a sample of a analog signal [in this case a sine wave], the sample is only as good as the resolution of the converter. The difference between the converter resolution and the actual value of the signal is the quantizing noise. That is, if the A/D converter has a resolution of a tenth of a volt, than that's the best approximation it can make to the real analog value. Using an A/D with more bits, providing a higher resolution, reduces the quantizing noise induced into the conversion process.

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