RF Radar Definitions
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K-Band: A band of frequencies ranging between 18GHz and 27GHz

Keyed-Oscillator Transmitter: A transmitter in which one stage is used to produce the rf pulse, which is keyed [or modulated] by a DC pulse from a modulator.

KILO: A prefix meaning 103 (times one thousand). i.e., kilohertz.

Klystron Amplifier: An electron beam device which achieves amplification by the conversion of periodic velocity variations into conduction-current modulation in a field-free drift region. Velocity variations are launched by the interaction of an RF signal in an input resonant cavity and are coupled out through an RF output cavity. Several variations including reflex, pulse and multi cavity klystrons are used. Listing of RF Amplifier Manufacturers.

Klystron, Multicavity: An electron tube which employs velocity modulation to generate or amplify electromagnetic energy in the microwave region.

Klystron, Reflex: A klystron which employs a reflector electrode in place of a second resonant cavity to redirect the velocity-modulated electrons through the resonant cavity. The repeller causes one resonant circuit to serve as both input and output, which simplifies the tuning operation.

Klystron Power Amplifier: A multicavity microwave electron tube that uses velocity modulation. Also refer to Types of Electron Tubes.

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