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Omnidirectional Antenna: An antenna that radiates equally in all directions (nondirectional). An antenna whose radiation pattern shows equal radiation in all horizontal directions. See also the Antenna Manufacturers page, or the Antenna Dictionary page.

Operational Constraints: Limitations on operating procedures in order to prevent interference between missile systems on a ship or between missile systems in a formation of ships under operational conditions. These limitations consist of such things as limited frequency bands or channels in which the radars may be tuned, limited sectors of space into which radar beams may be pointed, limits on minimum spacing between ships, limits on what codes may be used by radars and missiles on each ship, and limits on minimum interval between firing of certain missiles.

Orange-Peel Paraboloid: A section of a complete circular paraboloid that is narrow in the horizontal plane and wide in the vertical plane. An antenna shape used in radar.

Oscillation: A periodic, repetitive motion or set of values (voltage, current, velocity). [Oscillator Manufacturers]

Oscillator: Devices which generate a frequency. See also Backward Wave, Dielectrically Stabilized Oscillator, Hyperabrupt Varactor Oscillator, Magnetron Oscillator, Varactor Tuned Oscillator, and YIG tuned oscillator. Also refer to the Oscillator Comparison Table, which resides on the Rubidium Oscillator Manufacturers page.

Oscillator, Local: An oscillator used as an input to a mixer.

Over-the-Horizon Radar: A radar system that makes use of the atmospheric reflection and refraction phenomena to extend its range of detection beyond line of sight.

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