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This is a listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Self] ETXexpress Card manufacturers.
The types of COMexpress products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name.

It appears that COMexpress is the general term while ETXexpress is used by konron to refer to COMexpress.
Or ETXexpress was originally the name of the specification, which was later changed to COMexpress.

ETXexpress Board Manufacturers

COMexpress is the new name for ETXexpress [CPU Board size; 95mm x 125mm].
COM Express compact is the new name for microETXexpress [CPU Board size; 95mm x 95mm].
COM Express mini is the new name for nanoETXexpress [CPU Board size; 84mm x 55mm].
COM Express Extended Form Factor: CPU Board size; 110mm x 155mm

COM Express specification version 2.0 2010

ETXexpress (Embedded Technology eXpandable express), form factor: 90mm x 125mm

Adlink Technology Inc
{Basic size, Compact size & Mini size COM Express Boards. COM Express Carrier Boards}

{COM Express CPU Module, COM Express Baseboard}

{COM Express CPU Modules using Intel and AMD processors}

{COM Express basic, compact and mini sizes}

Refer to the COM Express manufacturers page for additional companies producing COM Express cards.

As with ETX the COM board is the cpu module and the carrier board is the main supporting board.
ETXexpress is the upgrade path from the ETX standard, providing the PCI-express interface.

A General listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] COMexpress Motherboard Manufacturers.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.
COMexpress or ETXexpress is one of a number of Embedded Module formats, many listed at the top of the page.
The ETX COM boards are the specification preceding the ETX specification.

Editor note; It's not that common for a specification to change names.
Although there are a few specifications that are known by two different common terms.
Normally the term used by the original developer continues as the specification becomes a standard.
However in some cases the name changes during ratification, but the previous name is still used because of news coverage.
So it seems that ETXexpress was the original name, but now only refers to Basic size board format.
One reference site indicated the reverse, that ETXexpress was the follow on to COM Express [but it may mean the original COM spec]

Acronyms: OEM; Original Equipment Manufacturer,
SBC; Single Board Computer, A stand-alone computer board.
CCA; Circuit Card Assembly, A generic term covering any assembled board.
COM; Computer On Module, A small form factor Single Board Computer.
SOM; System On Module, Another term covering a Single Board Computer.
CSB; Customer Solution Board. A unique custom built card.

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