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This is a listing of COTS ETX Module manufacturers. A type of COM [Computer-On-Module]
The types of products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

The ETX specification defines an ETX module I/O, the connectors and there physical layout or placement.
ETX System Baseboards [not defined] could than be designed by the locations of the connectors specific in the document.
Some companies may call the baseboard a carrier board, both designed to hold an ETX COM board.

ETX Board Manufacturers

ETX (Embedded Technology eXpandable), form factor:
114mm x 95mm [12mm thick]. Computer on Modules (COMs)
ETX Component Specification [Version 1] 2001 [estimate; versions were not used until 2.5]
ETX Component Specification [Version 3] 2006
The specifications defines the board size, the four interface connectors, the pin outs and their location.
Other than that, the individual interface specifications [USB, ISA] defines the function of the individual pins.

Adlink Technology Inc
{ETX Module with High End Graphics, ETX Prototype Board, AGP 8X}

Commell {ETX CPU Module & ETX Baseboard}

Diamond Point International
{ETX CPU Boards, AMD and Intel cpu}

{ETX CPU Module & ETX Baseboard / COM Express}

The upgrade path would be the ETXexpress Board:
ETXexpress Board Manufacturers [XTX]

XTX is an ETX component SBC specification extension.
XTX removes the ISA interface on the X2 connector [used on ETX] and replaces it with PCIe, SATA, and USB interfaces.
XTX is the upgrade path having the same physical footprint, but without the ISA bus.

XTX Specification [eXtended Technology for ETX] version 1.2, 12/2006.
XTX uses the same form factor as the ETX standard; 95mm x 114mm.
In addition to a computer board a carrier board is also defined in the XTX specification.
Of course the XTX carrier board defines a keep-out for mounting XTX modules.

The ETX carries four 100 pin connectors, X1 to X4 to interface between the computer module and a baseboard.
X1 and X2 are located on one end of the module and the X3 and X4 connectors are located on the other end.
X1 connector; PCI Bus, USB interface and Audio interfaces.
X2 connector; ISA Bus.
X3 connector; VGA, LCD, Video, COM1, COM2, LPT/Floppy, IrDA, Mouse and Keyboard.
X4 connector; IDE, Ethernet.
Bolt holes are located at each corner of the module to secure the module to the main-board or backplane.

The ETX board requires 5 volts to operate but generates 3.3 volts on-board witch it outputs.

Of course the specification defines the module size, but much of the ETX document is just devoted to the connector pinouts.
It does not appear that a baseboard is defined, but may be developed by using the specifications of the location of the connectors.

The ETX Industrial Group's web site does not appear to be in service any longer.

Additional styles of Industrial Board Manufacturers, including Single Board Computers.

Editor note: Many board form-factors survived the obsolescence of the old ISA bus and the introduction of the PCI bus.
A new standard was developed using the same form factor, but introduced the PCI bus along side the older ISA slot.
When PCIe came along the board developers again added the PCIe interface, but this time removed the obsolete ISA bus altogether.
This process was repeated on a number of board form factors; of course each time the specification received a slightly different title.
Of course the new document title was meant to convey a marked difference between the new and old version, but still the same basic spec.

A General listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] ETX Computer-On-Module Manufacturers and Related sites.
The COM Boards the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

AMD; Advanced Micro Devices, CCA; Circuit Card Assembly,
CPU; Central Processing Unit, CSB; Customer Solution Board,
I/O; Input/Output, OEM; Original Equipment Manufacturer,
SBC; Single Board Computer, SOM; System On Module.

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