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PC-AT Board Manufacturers [ISA]

PC AT style card manufacturers links are provided below.
The other card formats described are listed in the links above.
The PC-AT [ISA] bus description may be found on the PC-AT Design page.
The PC-ISA provides information and additional PC-AT OEM manufacturing links for connectors.
The PC ISA bus has been obsolete for a number of years, but there are many deployed systems which require these legacy cards.
This list will stay active for some time, while new systems will be fielded with PCI or PCIe card slots instead of AT bus slots.

ISA Card Vendors

Editor note; as of 2/14/12 the links to companies have been removed.
However the company name remains, with the last reference to any identified products.

Acces I/O Products Inc. {Still supporting Analog/Digital input/output boards in the ISA Bus format}

Acrosser U.S.A {Industrial Computing ISA SBC boards}

Cyber Research Inc {CPU card for Data Acquisition - DAS and conversion cards}

Data Translation {PCAT board manufacturer with ISA Data Acquisition Boards}

ESD Electronic Systems {produces a CAN bus Interface on ISA interface boards}

Get Engineering Corp. {produces Serial or Parallel NTDS MIL-STD 1397C Compliant interfaces on an ISA board format}

Sealevel Systems Inc. {Serial digital I/O cards on an ISA interface}

Symmetricom {PC Time and Frequency Processor and IRIG timing card}

Twin_Industries {Manufactures passive extender boards expansion boards and prototyping boards for the PC ISA bus}

Embedded Mother Board Formats may also be listed on the Mother Board page.

As of 2011 there are still companies that supply legacy ISA cards for the PC, also called PC-AT cards.
However the larger issue might be the lead time to receive a product delivered, many of these cards were designed a decade ago.
Some piece parts or components used on these cards may be hard to come by, making the over-all assembly harder to produce.
In addition, many of these [designs] products were migrated to the PCI interface long ago, using newer parts [at the time] and an upgraded interface.

One site listed the ISA product as prior generation with a recommendation to use PCI, not sure if that meant obsolete or not.
Another site had a list of legacy products but didn't even list ISA boards [any longer].
An interesting note is that some of these companies do not even list the board format [implying PCI], until you click into the specification.
However one still did allow me to search for PC/ISA cards, only to show me the products with red-text, indicating Obsolete Product.

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PCI / ISA Board Manufacturers

PISA: PCI + ISA in an short ISA form factor. PISA is a combination ISA, and PCI bus in a short card form factor.
In PISA's case the ISA and PCI fingers are on top of each other (but offset). You need a back plane designed to accept PISA cards, to use the PISA card.
The PISA bus is used as an Industrial Embedded Computer Bus, not a consumer Personal Computer bus.
PISA express: PCI + PCI EXpress in an short ISA form factor.
PICMG 1.0: PCI and ISA buses placed one after the other (not on top of each other}

The PISA appears to be End-Of-Life [EOL], which is some what understandable because it was based in part on the now obsolete ISA bus and always had an even smaller market share.

A listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] ISA Card Manufacturers and Related sites. This page is sub-divided into PC-104 board manufacturers, PC-AT board manufacturers, PISA board manufacturers, AGP board manufacturers, PCMCIA board manufacturers, PCI Express board manufacturers, PCI board manufacturers, Compact PCI board manufacturers, VXI board manufacturers, and DIMM-PC board manufacturers. Mezzanine board manufacturers and VME board manufacturers are listed on their own pages. The link to those cards may be found at the top of the page. The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order. In addition to functional cards, Prototyping Boards, Prototyping Cards, and Active/Passive Extender Board Manufacturers may also listed above.

Board Acronyms:

OEM; Original Equipment Manufacturer [the company that fabricates the product]
SBC; Single Board Computer [a board function]
GPIB; General Purpose Interface Bus [also known as IEEE-488],
MIL-STD relates to Military Standard.
ATE; Automatic Test Equipment [a board implementation]
NTDS; Naval Tactical Data System [MIL-STD-1397].
CAN; Controller Area Network [an interface standard]
DSP; Digital Signal Processing [a board function]

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Editor note; page views to this topic have fallen to around 15 per month, or one view every other day.
That metric shows the waning interest in the PC-AT interface [PC-ISA], and the reason why the topic is no longer supported here.
Also there's a chance that just because the companies listed above still provide details on ISA cards, it doesn't mean they could supply them.
I would suspect that many of these products either have a very long lead time, or are really many years old.
The cost of some of these products might also be very high, as the vendor attempts to procure the individual components.

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