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COM-Express [Computer On Module - Express] is an embedded processor board designed to use the new LVDS standard.
The basic module size of the COM-Express board is 125mm x 95mm [height x length], which is the cpu board.
An additional size is available as the Extended module (155 x 110 mm) format.
A few companies also produce a compact COM-Express board sized as 95mm x 95mm.

A COM-Express motherboard or base-board [carrier board] would be required to hold the COM-Express processor card.
The motherboard holds all the mechanical I/O and connectors which allows interconnection to peripherals.
Most COM-Express base-boards seem to be based on the ATX Baseboard (190 x 305 mm), which would be called an ATX motherboard form factor.
The ports offered by the base-boards appear to be the standard one available on a normal ATX motherboard.
The original COM-Express standard was released in 2004 [Rev 1.0], but has been obsoleted by the latest update to the 2.0 version released in 2010.
Like many embedded board formats, COM-Express was developed to take advantage of the PCIexpress specification.

Advantech {SOM-Express Boards, COM-Express Compliant}

Commell {Intel Pentium M and Celeron processors}

congatec {Dual Core COM Express Board}

ELTEC{Type 2-compliant COM Express Board}

Kontron {Com Express Processors}

LiPPERT {Com Express Intel Core Duo Processor 1.6 or 2.0 GHz}

MSC Vertriebs GmbH {Com Express Intel Core Duo Processor, Pentium, }

PFU Systems {2GHz intel COM Express Basic Form Factor Compliant modules, COM Express Extended Form Factor Compliant modules, Development Board}

RadiSys {COM Express Development Carrier, COM Express Embedded Computing Module, Duo Core}

Listing of COM ETX Board Manufacturers. COM-ETX boards measure 114mm x 100mm.
Listing of COM-144 Board Manufacturers. COM-ETX [Embedded Technology eXtended] boards measure 114mm x 100mm.
The term System-On-Module is sometimes used to refer to Computer-On-Module, COM.
These boards represent a defined computer on a single board, so the main thing that will defer is the processor speed.

COM Express Board

Note; it appears that COM Express is the [new] document name that refers to EXTexpress.
So it seems that COM Express would be the proper name, while some references still make use of ETXexpress.
It also appears that kontron still uses ETXexpress to refer to the Basic size COM Express module. Also refer to the ETXexpress page.

There are a number of embedded computer board formats. Primarily these embedded only differ by physical size, or form factor. However because of the size difference, some of the smaller embedded boards can only offer a limited number of interfaces. But at the same time, when size is not an issue, any of the embedded computer board are always just a computer mother board.

All other types of industrial board manufacturers are listed on the Embedded Board Manufacturers Listing.

A General listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] embedded COM-Express Board Manufacturers and Related sites.

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