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This is a listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Self] PCI Express Card manufacturers. The types of products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. In addition to functional cards; Protoboards, Prototyping Cards, Extender cards, adapters and Prototyping board manufacturers are also listed below. Extender boards may be either Passive [straight through] or Active [buffered signals].

PCI Express Card Manufacturers

PCI Express cards [PCIe]
PCI Express cards will not fit into a standard PCI slot, or an AGP slot.
PCI Express is not backward compatible with PCI or AGP, the connectors and signal levels are different.
The Mother Board has to have a PCI Express card slot.
Video cards in PCI-E format will normally be in the x16 format [which is replacing the AGP card slot]. So the Motherboard must have one x16 [Lane] PCI Express card slot.
Additional PCI Express mother board card slots will be of the x1 type. PCI Express cards and Mother boards were first introduced in mid 2004.
The PCI Express [PCIe] page provides a description and additional PCI Express OEM manufacturing links for IC's and connectors.

Commercial PCIe Video Cards:

AMD {ATI PCI Express Video Cards}

Matrox {PCIe Graphics Cards}

NVIDIA {PCI Express Video Cards}

ELTEC {PCI Express Frame-grabber designated for the use with color cameras}

Signatec, Incorporated {PCI Express (PCIe) x8 Interface, Virtex-5 FPGA DSP High-Speed Digitizer Board}

SIIG {PCIe RAID; two port eSATA II, 1x PCI Express}

Terratec {Terrestrial digital video broadcast television (DVB-T) with two tuners, Video Recording}

PCIe 1x Card manufacturers
{1x PCIe cards are still very uncommon, so the few that are being produced are listed on its own page.}

PCIe SATA RAID Controller Boards:

LSI Corp {PCIe - SATA II, SATA II PCI Express RAID Controllers}

Industrial PCIe Boards:

Adex Electronics {Straight-Right angle PCIe 1x, 2x, 4x, 16x Bus Isolation Extender / Straight-Right angle AGP bus Extender manufacturer}

Alpha Data {FPGA based COTS boards with interchangeable I/O adapters: Virtex5, Virtex6. PCIe adapter for mezzanine boards, and PCIe form factor boards}

Chelsio Communications{Fiber 10Gb Ethernet adapters, Blade Server Adapters}

Comtrol Corporation {PCI Express serial port cards, 4- to 32-Ports, software-selectable to RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 }

Enterpoint Ltd {PCIe Standard Virtex-4 Development Boards, Virtex-5}

LeWiz Communications, Inc. {Dual 10 Gigabit CX-4 Copper/Optical PCI-E TCP/IP Accelerated NIC, 4 Gigabit Ports Low Profile PCI-E NIC, w/ TOE}

MRi {PCIe RS232 Adapter boards}

National Instruments Corporation {PCIe-GPIB GPIB Controller for PCI Express, PCI Express-based image-acquisition board}

Twin_Industries {Manufactures Multilayer 1x, 4x 8x, and 16x Extender boards for the PCI Express bus, PCIe Bus Riser Cards}

A General listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] PCI Express Card Manufacturers. This page is sub-divided into Commercial PCI Express Video Cards and Industrial PCIe Boards. The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order. In addition to functional cards, Prototyping Boards, Prototyping Cards, and Active/Passive Extender Board Manufacturers are also listed above.

A few of the acronyms used above:
PWB; stands for Printed Wiring Board, while PCB; Printed Circuit Board
I/O; Input/Output, referring to the signals leaving the rear panel of the card.
OEM; Original Equipment Manufacturer, is the company that designed and manufactured the card, not the necessarily the one selling it.
SBC; Single Board Computer, an embedded term used to describe a computer on a card.
CCA; Circuit Card Assembly, refers to a bard PCB with the components attached.
GPIB; General Purpose Interface Bus [also known as IEEE-488], A PCIe card having a GPIB interface on the rear panel.
MIL-STD relates to Military Standard, which normally means the card has an external interface defined by a MIL spec.
CAN; Controller Area Network. Another interface that might be found on the rear panel of a PCIe card.
DSP; Digital Signal Processing, a card used for DSP related work.

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