Industrial Board Formats & Manufacturers

Board formats in alphabetic order below; or by Board Area
Commercial Board formats for PC systems are listed on COTS Card Manufacturers
Embedded MotherBoards, or
Stand-Alone Embedded Single Board Computers.

AMC 72mm x 185mm
ATCA [Requires a ATCA back plane]
COM Computer On Module
COM-144 114mm x 100mm [DIMM Memory format]
COM-ETX 116mm x 95mm
COM-Express 125mm x 95mm
Compact PCI 160mm x 230mm [Requires a cPCI back plane, 3U, 6U CCA/PWBs]
CompactTCA [TCA in a 160mm x 230mm format; standard Abandoned]
CoreExpress [65mm x 58mm, a style of COM board]
cPCI Express [Requires a cPCI Express backplane]
DIMM-PC 68mm x 100mm [DIMM Memory Card Size]
EATX 330.2mm x 304.8mm [Extended ATX]
E2Brain [Embedded Electronic Brain] 75mm x 115mm
EBX 146mm x 203mm
ECX 105mm x 146mm [see note below]
EmbATX 243mm.84 x 243.84mm [EmbeddedATX]
Em-ITX 170mm x 120mm
EPIC 115mm x 165mm
ESB 3.5 101.6mm x 144.78mm or 4 x 5.7 inch [W x L]
ESB 5.25 203.2mm x 144.78mm or 8 x 5.7 inch [W x L]
ETX 114mm x 95mm
ETXexpress 114mm x 95mm [Same as COM Express]
InfiniBand 3U/6U
JRex 102mm x 147mm, 3.5 inch board formats [see note below]
Mezzanine [By definition, requires another card to mount]
MicroETXexpress 95mm x 95mm
MicroTCA [Requires a mTCA back plane]
Mini-ITX 170mm x 170mm
Mobile-ITX 60mm x 60mm
Nano-ITX 120mm x 120mm
PC-104 90mm x 96mm [also PC/104-Plus, and PCI-104]
PCI-104 90mm x 96mm [Drops the ISA bus and adopts the PCI bus]
PCIe 106mm x 249.60mm [1x or 16x]
PICMG 1.0 338.5mm x 122mm
Pico-ITX 72mm x 100mm
PISA 155mm x 125mm [Legacy bus interfaces]
PXI 160mm x 230mm [Requires a PXI back plane, 3U, 6U CCA/PWBs]
PXIe 160mm x 230mm [Requires a PXIe back plane, 3U, 6U CCA/PWBs]
SHB Express 338.582mm x 126.390mm [Full Size], 167.64mm x 126.390mm [Half Size]
SOM [System-On-Module], a COM variant, compliant with COM cards
STD32 4.5 x 6.5 inches [Legacy standard, last update was in the 1980s]
STX 90mm x 96mm
VME Boards [Requires a VME back plane, 3U, 6U, or 9U CCAs]
VXI Boards [Requires a VXI back plane, 3U, 6U, or 9U PWBs]
XTX 114mm x 95mm
Equipment Chassis Manufacturers [Any card format]
Standard/Embedded MotherBoard Form Factors [Board sizes and Socket types]
BackPlane Manufacturers

Modules; Programmable Logic Controller

Board sizes listed are approximate, review the standards to obtain the correct board size.
These board formats may be used as a Stand-alone computer, or may require a backplane or mother board. The page links point to manufacturers, interface bus descriptions and board sizes. Can't find a particular board format, try the Buses icon below.

ECX note: [Embedded Compact Extended] was an Intel open standard developed between 2000 and 2005 as a Small Form Factor [SFF] Single Board Computer [SBC], designed for a niche market. However as of 2011 the specification can not be located and there only appears to be two vendors with products, so the page was removed.

JREX note: JREX is a marketing term used by Kronton for a series of 3.5in SBC boards

Top and bottom view of a COM Board

Small Form Factor, SFF embedded SBC

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