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COM-144 Board Manufacturers

COM-144 [Computer On Module] is an embedded processor board designed to use the same card format as a 144-pin SODIMM connector as the interface.
The size of the COM-144 board is 68mm x 100mm [height x length]. This may be the same board format/standard as the SOM-144 style [System On Module].
The COM-144 card is one of the smallest computer module form factors available.

Note that the terms COM [Computer-On-Module] and SOM [System-On-Module] are generic and could apply to any card.
The 144 term refers to the fact that this format uses a PC-DIMM or SODIMM connector, and to its form factor.

This listing also may have board manufacturers that produce DIMM-PC cards [which could be considered the same as COM-144].
Note that because of the extremely small size of these modules, the capabilities are severely limited.
The reduced functionality is due only to the board's size, or form factor.

Advantech {SOM-144 Module w/CPU VGA/LCD, & LAN. SOM-144 Development Board}

Avalue Technology Inc. {COM-144 Modules}

ZiiLabs {SODIMM based Android SoC}

Listing of COM Express Board Manufacturers. COMexpress boards measure 125mm x 95mm.
Listing of COM-ETX Board Manufacturers. COM-ETX [Embedded Technology eXtended] boards measure 114mm x 100mm.

See Industrial Board Manufacturers for all other types of board manufacturers, which are listed under the common name.

DIMM-PC Boards are Embedded computer modules ranging in size from 68 x 40 mm to 68mm x 100mm.
A DIMM-PC Board uses a single standard 144 pin SODIMM connector.
Although some modules use the 200 pin SODIMM connector.
SODIMM: Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module

A listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] COM-144 Board Manufacturers and Related form factors.
Note that some companies might use slightly differing terms to reference a COM-144 board.
COM-144 would define the board size and the card pin out, but the functionality might be left to the manufacturer.

Editor note; It's hard to determine if the SOM-144 and the COM-144 are the same standards or not, or if they are open or preparatory.
However I did see a notation that COM-144 was developed or controlled by Kontron, while SOM-114 was controlled by Advantech.
In addition; another preparatory standard called Embedded DIMM could be a completely different standard and form factor from either.
In other words the information is provided as is; also I don't think any of the three standards are widely used.
I also don't know if the COM-144 modules listed above are compatible with the SOM-144 modules, or with the SODIMM or the PC DIMM modules.
Therefore, if it's important, check with the manufacturer to determine if the format is in production and if there is a second source.

For reference refer to the page covering the 144-pin SODIMM Stick, which provides a description, picture, and signal assignments.

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