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Praegitzer Industries Inc. was sold to Tyco Printed Circuit Board Group.

Prairie Comm Inc. was purchased by Freescale Semiconductor in 2005.


Precision Controls Co.

Precision Devices Inc.

Precision Navigation, Now called PNI.

Precision Resistive Co. Inc.

Precision Resistive Products, Inc.


PREMA Semiconductor GmbH

Premier Devices 'PDI', Acquired by Sirenza Microdevices in 2006.

Premier Magnetics Inc.

Prestolite Wire


ProTek Devices

PSC Computer Products: Redirects to PSC Motor and Fan Inc.

P-tec Corp.

Pudenz is now part of Littelfuse.

Pulizzi Engineering; Acquired by Eaton Corporation in 2007.

Pulsar Microwave Corp.

PulseCore Semiconductor was purchased by On Semiconductor in 2009.

Pulse Engineering Inc.

Purdy Electronics

Pyramid Semiconductor

An alphabetic company listing of most of the Electronic manufacturer sites listed on this site. Search for a company by product function, using the links below.
Any company site which no longer responds gets de-listed. However if the company is purchased by someone else than that company is listed, if available. The old obsolete reference of a site is removed from all other pages. Only OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers are listed, value added sites are not. However only component manufacturers are listed in this section, equipment manufacturers are no longer listed in this section.
The company listing includes U.S. Manufacturers, European Manufacturers, and Asian Manufacturers.

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