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Labtec was purchased by Logitech in 2001.

Lambda see TDK.

Lambda Advanced Analog Inc. Acquired by International Rectifier.

Lamb Industries, see E-Switch.

Lanner Electronics Inc.

Lansdale Semiconductor Inc.


Lap-Tech Inc.

Lara Technology. Acquired by Cypress.

LaserMax Inc.

Lattice Semiconductor Corp.


Ldic 'LSI Design and Integration Corp.'

Leader Instruments Inc.

Leader Tech

Leadtek Research Inc.

Lebow Products Inc. was Acquired by Honeywell.


Ledtronics Product Families

LEESON Electric Corp.

Legerity was Acquired by Zarlink Semiconductor in 2007.

Legitek Electronics Co. Ltd.

Lemo USA

Lenco Electronics Inc.

Leoco Corp.

Leopard Logic, Inc. Ceased operations, All its technology, patents and other intellectual property have been sold or transferred.

Level One Inc. is Now part of Intel.

Lexmark International, Inc.


LG Semicon was Acquired by Hyundai in 1999.

Libit Signal Processing Ltd. Acquired by TI in 1999.

Lightlogic was Acquired by Intel in 2001.

Lightspeed Semiconductor.

Linear Dimensions Semiconductor

Linear Integrated Systems

Linear Technology

Linfinity MicroElectronics. Sold to Microsemi Corp. in 1999.

LinkCom Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Linksys was purchased by Cisco in in 2003.

Linx Technologies

Liquid Crystal Displays {LXD}



Litton Solid State, see Filtronic.

LMI Connectors Inc., Now Cypress Semiconductor Corp.


Logic Devices

Logimetrics, see IFI.

Loranger International Corp.

LSI Computer Systems Inc.

LSI Corporation

LSI Logic is Now called LSI Corporation.

Lucas Varity, see TRW Automotive.

Lucent Technologies, merged with Alcatel in 2006.

Lumex Inc.

Lumberg Inc.

LuminentOIC was Combined with Fiberxon to form Source Photonics.

LuxSonor Semiconductors Inc. Acquired by Cirrus Logic in 2001.

LXD Inc.

Lyn-Tron Inc.

Note that when a company is acquired that new company is listed (when possible), but it may not be the current company that owns it. If the original company was resold, that new company may not be listed.
In some cases the date of acquisition is provided next to the vendor name.

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