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Note that the companies that still have a link are still in business, while the companies listed with out a link may have either been purchased by another company or gone out of business.

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O2 Micro

Oak Frequency Control. Acquired by Corning Frequency Control, then Vectron International.

Oak Grigsby, see Electroswitch Electronic Products.

Oak Technology, Inc was acquired by Zoran Corporation in 1999.

Oasis Semiconductor was acquired by Sigma Tel in 2005.

Oclaro Inc.

Octec Ltd was acquired by GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms in 2004.



O/E/N India Ltd.

OhmCraft Inc.

Ohm Electric Co. Ltd.



Oki Semiconductor; changed its name to Lapis Semiconductor.

Omega Power Systems Inc. Now with MagneTek.

Omeg Ltd.

Omnirel Corp., see International Rectifier.

Omniyig Inc.

Omron Corporation

ON Semiconductor

An alphabetic company listing of the Electronic manufacturer sites listed on interfacebus. Search for a company by product using the links below.
Any company site which has gone bad is listed here with a new link if available. The old reference of a site is removed from all other pages of the site. Only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] Electronic manufacturers are listed.
This is a listing of companies in the US, in addition to American Manufacturers, European Manufacturers, and Asian Manufacturers are also included.

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