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1st Silicon has Merged with X-FAB.

3dfx was Dissolved or Sold to nVidia.

3Ware was Acquired by AMCC in 2006, then acquired by LSI in 2010.

AAC 'American Accurate Components, Inc.'

AAK Corp.

AANetcom was Acquired by PMC-Sierra Inc. in 2000


Abbott Electronics Inc. was Sold to Martek Power.

ABB Semiconductors AG

AB Electronics Ltd. see TT Electronics.

ABIT Ltd. is defunct and ceased operations in 2008/2009.
Although the site still operated until 2012.

ABL now Points to American Power Conversion Corp. 'APC'.

Abracon Corp

Abrizio was Purchased by PMC-Sierra in 1999.

ABSL "ABSL Power Solutions Ltd"

Absopulse Electronics Ltd.

ABS VABSCO Electronics Inc.

Acapella was Sold to Semtech Corp. in 1998

Accelerix Now with MOSAID Technologies Inc., 1999.

Accelink Technologies Co., Ltd

ACCEL Technologies, Inc. Sold to Altium Limited in 2000

ACC Microelectronics is Now with Auctor Corp.

Acces I/O Products Inc.

Accutek Microcircuit Corporation

Acqiris was Acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2006.

Actel Corp. was Acquired by Microsemi November 1 2010.

Acterna; JDSU, JDS Uniphase Corporation acquired Acterna in 2005.

Many smaller companies are bought and sold a number of times. How ever, once the listing is de-linked the last company that acquired it is listed. The last known original url is listed as text next to the company name. Many companies come back onto the internet, but they may not be the same company. Normally the company that has acquired the de-listed firm is listed on another page, as they fall in order. In some cases the the date is listed when a firm acquires a company, but some cases it's not possible to determine what occurred to the company.

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